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Mike Laird
Do you have a link that corroborates this serious charge? I couldn't find any matches with a Google image search.
Patrick SpencerPhoto Uploader
Han since I took the picture and DID NOT photo shop you need to back off. I was in San Francisco on 10/08/2021 and I have the other Fleet Week pictures. Can you tell me where you were at Fleet Week
Jean-Yves Duplessis
Jean-Yves Duplessis
Jean-Yves: the backgrounds of the photos you linked are very obviously different from Patrick's photo as well as each other. Additionally, Patrick's photo is of a F/A-18E Super Hornet, first flown in the 2020 season. The photos linked are clearly of the older F/A-18A. Is it surprising that others have photographed this part of the routine in previous years?
This is clearly an F-18E. The photoshop charge was made by someone who is obviously not at true plane spotter. Pay attention to the details!


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