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Gulfstream Aerospace Jetprop Commander (N695HT) - Close up w/ N695HT, a 1982 Gulfstream Commander 1000, after a late arrival from KBUU. 6/16/22.
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Gulfstream Aerospace Jetprop Commander (N695HT)


Close up w/ N695HT, a 1982 Gulfstream Commander 1000, after a late arrival from KBUU. 6/16/22.


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Curt Saur
Hayden SchnickPhoto Uploader
Curt Saur, I thought the same thing, almost like you can hear the photo.
Lewis Tripp
Almost nead ear plugs. Great shou, Hayden.
Rick D
Any Shrike reminds me of Bob Hoover
Hayden SchnickPhoto Uploader
Lewis Tripp, my good friend who owns this bird said almost the same thing when he first saw the shots. Thank you for the support!!
That's just fabulous. The Commander is a beautiful looking airplane from every angle in spite of its years.
That is one cool photo!
Jerome Tre
I can hear this picture. Nice Shot!!!
Dave Mathes
....still georgious after all these years....
I always thought this was a neat aircraft, but it was difficult to fly.
Hayden SchnickPhoto Uploader
notmanyifany, thank you, and that indeed is very true my friend.
Hayden SchnickPhoto Uploader
frank theriault, thank you!!
Hayden SchnickPhoto Uploader
Jerome Tre, it’s almost ear piercing just looking at it.
Hayden SchnickPhoto Uploader
Dave Mathes, truly a timeless airframe.
Hayden SchnickPhoto Uploader
Stephen Garland, definitely a neat plane. As for it being difficult to fly, that seems to be the general consensus, in the owners words “it’s just a beast”.
GrEaT shot....thank you !
Rocky Hill
I logged over 2,000 hours in These birds over several years. Now retired with over 22,000 hours with 17 type ratings in the B-727, IrA Jet, Lr-Jet, HS-125, CL-601 ER, BE-300, and several business turboprops. I loved the Commander...Great performance and short field are a breeze. Not for the junior birdman. The only other challenge was the MU-2...Really a challenge...
5* Hayden! Very well done.
ken kemper
Awesome Blurrr Hayden

5 Plus Stars
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
28/set/2022 AC95Eagle Creek Airpark ()Porter County Rgnl () 17:25 EDT 17:04 CDT 0:39
17/set/2022 AC95Porter County Rgnl ()Eagle Creek Airpark () 10:20 CDT 11:53 EDT 0:32
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