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— — - DC-8 at the gate at Cleveland Hopkins Airport
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DC-8 at the gate at Cleveland Hopkins Airport


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Diana Rose
Artful film photo.
ph gero
Eberhard Hoberg
Just great!
Ahhhh Hopkins in the good old days of aviation :)
Seb Seb
Why do the older jet airliners look so perfect (at least in my aging eyes)?
William Owens
Yes, reminds me of the days when jet travel was respected and people were proud to be part of the list of passengers that were flying to and fro in such luxury…
Chris Croft
I agree wholeheartedly William. Those were the days when passengers dressed to look their best. Nowadays pajamas and flip flops are the norm.
James Fawls
As a kid living underneath the approach to JFK's runways 22L&R, about 6-8 miles out, I would stick my head out the window at night and watch the approaching Eastern Airlines Super DC-8s turn on their landing lights. After lighting up, pointing downward, they would swivel into position. The movement of the light beam(s) during that repositioning was 'the coolest thing.'


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