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Boeing 707-300 (N404PA) - MIT's Research 4PA returning to Hanscom after a mission. This aircraft was retired last fall.
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Boeing 707-300 (N404PA)


MIT's Research 4PA returning to Hanscom after a mission. This aircraft was retired last fall.


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David Seider
I don't know if there has ever been another family of jet aircraft has had so many
different configurations of things stuck on the exteriors of so many of its members
as the 717/C-135 and 707/C-137.

Note: The following comments should be read with tongue firmly in cheek, and should
not be taken completely seriously:
I would guess that the design engineers might have mixed feelings about such modifications...
- pride, that their airframe could carry all of these bumps and lumps and antennae
- horror, as in "What have you done to my beautiful airplane!?!?"
Nice shot! The 707 and 747 are the most obvious monuments of aircraft design, and Boeing's commitment to building the most robust and dependable commercial aircraft in the history of manned flight. Both birds could (and can) take any amount of abuse, physical abmormalities or emergency conditions, and get everyone back home safely. Boeing is Boeing, so no intention on my part to leave out the 727 and 737 in the list of classic Boeing jets built right, the first time. "If it ain't a Boeing... "
I’m so glad I was able to see this plane take off a year or so ago. Standing at the end of the runway while it roared over me was incredible and I’ll never forget it. It was my first and likely last 707.
William Owens
Back in the early 60’s my Uncle would take us out to the end of the runway and park to watch all the planes take off and land.This was out where Braniff dead ended at Telephone Rd right outside of the runway at Hobby airport Houston. It was a big deal back then and everybody did it. The parking lot is gone now, BUT I saw 707’s DC 6’s Super Connies. All without hush kits and straight exhaust with fire belching out etc. You had to hold your ears when the 707’s and DC8’s took off. It was such a memorable experience that just isn’t done anymore. People back then loved AVIATION and aircraft.
David Luddy
A fellow pilot and friend flew on N404PA with his father in 1968. It was a training flight when this aircraft was with Pan American. With both went on to earn various ratings. He retired from Alaska Airline. Many memories from 51 years ago.


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