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Cessna 310 (N919BF)
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Cessna 310 (N919BF)



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Beautiful picture of a beautiful airplane!
Jake Simpson
Fabulous shot. I'd love to do air to air with a twin!
Ron Fletcher
Fantastic Picture and so clear.
ken kemper
Pic should be in a magazine...........
Anyone know who owns the Sky King television series?
Ross Selvidge
You can watch some Sky King programs on YouTube
Sidney Smith
Full circle on the props, beautifully framed, sharp as a tack, A+ job.
Art Jacobson
I have a boxed DVD set that I bought a number of years ago with almost all of the Sky King episodes (I think some are lost). I don't remember where I got it online. I just looked at it and it does not give any indication of ownership or who made the DVDs.
Rick Riper
Great angle, beautiful shot!
Beautiful! I might have flown it in Production Flight Test. Great to see it still looking so good!
serge LOTH
I flew a lot on thes Cessnas… One of the best nice looking planes Cessna Desing!!
Leander Williams
Back in the 60s, our local tv channel in Fresno, CA used to air Sky King, with his niece Penny. For a time, they held a contest. After the show, the station would ask a question regarding the episode. The first person to answer correctly on a 3x5 postcard would get to go up with a pilot in the Cessna 172. I was a consistent winner, and the pilot saw that I was interested in aviation and unofficially began training me. After 18 weeks, the station sent me a letter disqualifying me from further contests as the pilot reported I was becoming a better pilot than him. Unfortunately, color blindness shot down my career.
john cook
Hay that girl on the beach has no top on!
Peter West
Great image Thomas, almost out of a Cessna brochure; tight descending right hand turn over a beach at 500', sun on spinning props, landing lights on on nacelles and under std wing, both pilot and passenger looking at camera and prob taken with a high speed drive. When was this taken? 5 stars!
2thomasPhoto Uploader
these pictures were taken late 2018 for the german aviation magazine FLIEGERMAGAZIN. they did a report about the C310R and it was published Feb 2019
Jeramy Echternach
I love twin cessnas!!! This is an awesome picture
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
14/lug/2021 C310Pine Shadows Airpark ()Pine Shadows Airpark () 10:32 EDT 10:50 EDT 0:17
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