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Boeing 747-200 (82-8000)
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Boeing 747-200 (82-8000)



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Colin Seftel
According to the Air Force, it's a VC-25A
Yes, the official USAF and Boeing model number is VC-25A. It was built on the 747-200 frame. It is then flown to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland for installation of the parts necessary to make it Air Force 1 including all of the classified parts, protective and communications gear.
George Hall
This Air Force One has been replaced by a new 747-200. Different colors, blue and red. VC-25B. Reg. # 30000. Trump is responsible for this. Biden is reaping the awards
Um, George Hall, VC-25B will be 747-8s and the recent estimate for them entering service is in 2025.
@George Hall......agreed about reaping rewards!
The tradition has been that new Air Force 1's are authorized by one President for delivery to his successor. The original upgrade order was initiated under Obama, temporarily delayed by price negotiations, then finally implemented.
ken kemper
Awesome Photo Rice............
David Plummer
Beautiful photo, my friend. What really saddens me is that we cannot even post pictures of this aircraft without it becoming a political bitchfest. Is it really that hard to park the politics and just appreciate the aircraft?
The Queen looking great!
David Plummer
For those making remarks about reaping rewards, it might be helpful if you actually knew the history. The current VC-25A/Air Force One aircraft, including the one in this photo, have been in use since 1990 (tail 28000) and 1991 (tail 29000). And in case you cannot grasp that part of the history, the sitting President when these planes were put into service was George Herbert Walker Bush. In 1990/1991, no one had any idea who would be the 45th or 46th President of the United States! The purchase of these aircraft had nothing to do with political party. Believe it or not but there was a time when country was more important than party or politician!
a mentor
"Believe it or not but there was a time when country was more important than party or politician!"

Well said @David! I'm of that vintage too


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