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Airbus A320 (N629JB) - 3/22/2014
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Airbus A320 (N629JB)




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Joan Williams
Beautiful shot!
Robert Cowling
Someone asked me if jetBlue was going to go out of business. They said they heard that one US carrier was on the ropes, and about to go out of business. I hope none of them do, but wondered, anyone know the possibility? Damn...

Love it! 'Bright lights, blue city'! Parked since March.
robin guessPhoto Uploader
@Robert Cowling I honestly don't think that any of the US carriers are going to shut there doors for good. I do see a few of them going into Chapter 11 bankruptcy and a few merging together. Of all the major US carriers AA is perhaps in the worst financial condition with lots of debt on the books.

Needless to say if AA does have to downsize to come out of bankruptcy or when the CARES act money dries up, it will be a huge sting to the DFW, PHX, CLT economies. In 2008 I saw what happened to the Peoria, IL economy when CAT laid off a lot of the employees the results were not pretty.
Robert Cowling
Yeah, it'll be hard. My hometown looks like a third world country after GM 'downsized', and sent thousands of jobs to China back after the aughts. Houses literally falling apart because the good jobs are all gone. It's sad to see the huge decline there. Good people who couldn't compete with nearly free labor, and now thousands of pilots and flight attendants unable to compete with a virus. And over 100,000 have died. Tragic...
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
21/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Cancun ()Int'l di San Francisco () 18:34 EST 22:02 PDT Schedulato
21/giu/2021 A320Int'l di San Francisco ()Int'l di Cancun () 10:05 PDT 17:14 EST Schedulato
20/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Bradley ()Int'l di San Francisco () 19:59 EDT 22:56 PDT 5:56
20/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Palm Beach ()Int'l di Bradley () 15:31 EDT 17:58 EDT 2:26
20/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Bradley ()Int'l di Palm Beach () 10:39 EDT 13:08 EDT 2:28
20/giu/2021 A320San Juan-Isla Verde ()Int'l di Bradley () 03:10 AST 06:40 EDT 3:29
19/giu/2021 A320Raleigh-Durham Intl ()San Juan-Isla Verde () 22:30 EDT 01:24 AST (+1) 2:53
19/giu/2021 A320San Juan-Isla Verde ()Raleigh-Durham Intl () 18:05 AST 21:06 EDT 3:00
19/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Punta Cana ()San Juan-Isla Verde () 16:17 AST 16:48 AST 0:31
19/giu/2021 A320San Juan-Isla Verde ()Int'l di Punta Cana () 14:01 AST 14:33 AST 0:31
19/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Tampa ()San Juan-Isla Verde () 09:40 EDT 12:11 AST 2:30
19/giu/2021 A320San Juan-Isla Verde ()Int'l di Tampa () 05:28 AST 08:09 EDT 2:40
19/giu/2021 A320Philadelphia Intl ()San Juan-Isla Verde () 00:10 EDT 03:19 AST 3:08
18/giu/2021 A320San Juan-Isla Verde ()Philadelphia Intl () 19:17 AST 22:43 EDT 3:26
18/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Bradley ()San Juan-Isla Verde () 15:03 EDT 18:12 AST 3:08
18/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood ()Int'l di Bradley () 11:02 EDT 13:37 EDT 2:34
18/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Bradley ()Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood () 06:40 EDT 09:08 EDT 2:28
17/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood ()Int'l di Bradley () 23:03 EDT 01:40 EDT (+1) 2:36
17/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Salt Lake City ()Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood () 15:22 MDT 21:29 EDT 4:06
17/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood ()Int'l di Salt Lake City () 11:26 EDT 13:52 MDT 4:25
17/giu/2021 A320Nazionale di Washington Ronald Reagan ()Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood () 07:05 EDT 09:07 EDT 2:01
16/giu/2021 A320San Juan-Isla Verde ()Nazionale di Washington Ronald Reagan () 18:26 AST 21:45 EDT 3:18
16/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood ()San Juan-Isla Verde () 15:13 EDT 17:18 AST 2:05
16/giu/2021 A320San Juan-Isla Verde ()Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood () 11:33 AST 13:53 EDT 2:19
16/giu/2021 A320Newark-Liberty ()San Juan-Isla Verde () 06:41 EDT 10:16 AST 3:34
15/giu/2021 A320Int'l Las Américas ()Newark-Liberty () 20:31 AST 23:52 EDT 3:20
15/giu/2021 A320Newark-Liberty ()Int'l Las Américas () 14:41 EDT 18:02 AST 3:21
15/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Tampa ()Newark-Liberty () 10:48 EDT 12:57 EDT 2:08
15/giu/2021 A320Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Tampa () 07:04 EDT 09:28 EDT 2:23
14/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Miami ()Newark-Liberty () 22:13 EDT 01:09 EDT (+1) 2:55
14/giu/2021 A320Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Miami () 17:05 EDT 19:50 EDT 2:44
14/giu/2021 A320San Juan-Isla Verde ()Newark-Liberty () 11:10 AST 15:01 EDT 3:50
14/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood ()San Juan-Isla Verde () 07:48 EDT 10:05 AST 2:17
13/giu/2021 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood () 22:09 EDT 00:33 EDT (+1) 2:23
13/giu/2021 A320internazionale di Denver ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 15:00 MDT 20:23 EDT 3:22
13/giu/2021 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()internazionale di Denver () 11:46 EDT 13:23 MDT 3:36
12/giu/2021 A320Int'l Billings Logan ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 15:06 MDT 20:36 EDT 3:30
12/giu/2021 A320Bozeman Yellowstone Intl ()Int'l Billings Logan () 13:30 MDT 14:01 MDT 0:30
12/giu/2021 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Bozeman Yellowstone Intl () 09:49 EDT 12:10 MDT 4:20
11/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Orlando ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 19:30 EDT 21:30 EDT 1:59
11/giu/2021 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l di Orlando () 15:04 EDT 17:17 EDT 2:12
11/giu/2021 A320San Juan-Isla Verde ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 09:28 AST 13:05 EDT 3:36
10/giu/2021 A320Newark-Liberty ()San Juan-Isla Verde () 22:09 EDT 01:28 AST (+1) 3:18
10/giu/2021 A320Lynden Pindling Int'l (Nassau) ()Newark-Liberty () 16:58 EDT 19:52 EDT 2:54
10/giu/2021 A320Newark-Liberty ()Lynden Pindling Int'l (Nassau) () 12:13 EDT 14:59 EDT 2:46
10/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Jacksonville ()Newark-Liberty () 08:13 EDT 09:59 EDT 1:45
09/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood ()Int'l di Jacksonville () 21:55 EDT 22:46 EDT 0:50
09/giu/2021 A320Raleigh-Durham Intl ()Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood () 18:52 EDT 20:30 EDT 1:38
09/giu/2021 A320Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood ()Raleigh-Durham Intl () 15:32 EDT 17:09 EDT 1:36
09/giu/2021 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood () 11:47 EDT 14:12 EDT 2:24
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