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Tupolev Tu-142 (RF-94124) - 25.07.2020 Kazan, Russia
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Tupolev Tu-142 (RF-94124)


25.07.2020 Kazan, Russia


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Gavin Hughes
Fantastic. Always liked these and their earlier incarnations all the way back to the Tu-114.
The Tu-142 differed from the Tu-95 in having a stretched fuselage to accommodate specialised equipment for its ASW and surveillance roles, a reinforced undercarriage to support rough-field capability, improved avionics and weapons, and enhancements to general performance.
ua qrz
My question , how did you get this photo , looks great .
Bror Monberg
Beautiful shot! Intriguing and successful a/c and sounds like no other(propeller tips break the sound barrier) The TU95 is a direct descendant of the TU4...itself a perfect copy of the American B29. In 1944 USSR refused to repatriate (3)B29's stranded in Vladivostok. Instead they reverse engineered and produced ~850 exact copies known as the TU4. TU95/114 resemblance to the B29 can be seen at rear fuselage and tail.
ken kemper

I am envious that you got pics of The TU-95......

Beautiful Photo at 5 plus Stars......
ken kemper
I should say TU-142.............
very cool shot
Thank you
Kim Paige
This is a Bear D TU95, the TU 142 is a ASW version Bear F
Hey Gavin, Maybe you should come and live in the UK, then you can listen to the sonic booms go off when the RAF are scrambled to intercept these damn planes that have been seen flying down the south coast (over Bournemouth), the North Sea, The Irish Sea, etc. In honesty, the Russkies are a pain in the ass and guess they really don't have mush else better to do. In the meantime, a YouTube video /News item from earlier in the year... enjoy your plane-fest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbPoLHGEXDU
Gavin Hughes
G'day Richard - they've been a pain in the ass since 1945, but I get what you're saying.
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