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Bob Showalter
Saw this Corvair engined beauty at OSH! True ingenuity at work! Builder and wife were keeping the fingerprints off of the bird!
Alan Hume
But why a twin? Surely the size of this only warrants a single engine. This would have to be the weirdest-looking twin ever built.
Alan....they wanted the 2 engs. to fly safely over lake Winnatonka 's great expanses
ken kemper
Great Shot James............

5 Plus Stars !!
ken kemper
Great Shot James............

5 Plus Stars !!
Neat; beautifully executed! Looks like a miniature Piper Apache. Probably flies about as well on one engine as the Apache did!
Have to agree that from a time and effort standpoint, this project makes zero sense. But that is the beauty of homebuilding and EAA - people build all kinds of crazy stuff just to prove they can! Very impressed.
A twin, but not a complex aircraft. Not a lot of those.
Gareth Cook
Great use for the Chevrolet Turbo-Air 6 engine. Later iterations made 140 HP.
Alan, what do you mean why two engines!? Sorry, but there is no way that ship is "over-powered". It looks very well balanced aerodynamically. Your eye is just unaccustomed to low aspect ratio wings.
Boyd Ellison
Found this in researching this beautiful creation:

... “TwinJAG”, a creation of “Jim And Ginger” Tomaszewski of Clayton Georgia.

The airplane started life as an RV-6A and flew as such for nine years before Jim decided to break out the Sawzall and convert the single to a twin.
Pete Snipe
Looks fab. Great shot. Even more purposeful than the RV6 it derives from. Super home build effort.
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