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Just when you think you've seen it all, at Airventure 2019, Opensky M-02, registration is JX0122, not SJX122 as FA insists on


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Certainly one of the coolest things I've seen this year!!
mike prendergast
What The #@$%!
Paul Wisgerhof
JX and SJX do not exist according to ICAO. SX is Greece; JA is Japan. So, does anyone know where this aircraft is registered?
Viv Pike
Paul Wisgerhof.
It is Japanese. This model is an M-02-J. Please see below link.
Todd RoyerPhoto Uploader
While reasearching this aircraft before posting I found several photos with the JX marking and references that the JX indicated an experimental aircraft from Japan.
mike prendergast
Makes sense,my second thought was a new Jacki Chan Movie!!
Tony Silverstrå
Cheap air hollidays flyes again
Tony Silverstrå
Cheap air hollidays flyes again
magnifique, l'humain se rapproche de l'oiseau
serge LOTH
Prefer a good old PA18....sorry..
Seems easy for the pilot to become FOD and get sucked into the engine.
Fazal Khan
Lean forward to minimize drag ? or are you the elevator ?
David Seider
I'm sold on it.
I could sneer at all of the earth-bound commuters who are driving to work!
Bill Gardner
The pilot was later quoted as saying "WOW THAT OVERPASS WAS LOW"
Chris curtis
Landing gear looks scary. Ground loop city. What is the approach speed? Couldn't wear enough clothes to prevent the road rash on the runway.
Whoa. Glider/ powered glider. Powered version 1 Nike AMT Netherlands jet. Vne 120 km (75 mph).

Taking a grasshopper in the teeth must hurt. Stall speed 27 mph.
Jared Smith
Chris Curtis - Why for? Many somewhat scary features of a powerful jet flown from laying exposed on the top of the wing, but a bicycle, single main wheel isn't one of them. That configuration seemed good enough for the B-47, B-52, AV8 Harrier, The Europa light plane and a plethora of gliders. The sailplane I flew had no particular tendency to ground loop (unlike my conventional geared Swift), and was only a little odd feeling when you put one wing tip on the ground as you came to a stop, leaning over in the cockpit.
Terry Wright
Is it commuter friendly lol.
To seatbelt or not to seatbelt. That is the question.
a mentor
is there drink service??
Looks like a cousin to and ultra-light-fun to fly, just be careful.
chris ramos
This thing is base from an anime movie "nausicaä of the valley of the wind". she is flying a glider that is similar.
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