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BOEING 727-200 (N724CK) - KII724 on final to Rwy 16R to complete a flight from KCNO on 3.8.19. (B727-225(A)(F) / ln 831 / cn 20383).
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BOEING 727-200 (N724CK)


KII724 on final to Rwy 16R to complete a flight from KCNO on 3.8.19. (B727-225(A)(F) / ln 831 / cn 20383).


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Nice to see the 3 holer still in use.. thanks
John Rumble
Noisiest airplane ever. I lived about 3 miles from KMIA and when those suckers used 12/30 (and Eastern had a lot of them ) they would go over the house about 5000ft , stopping all conversation and rattling the plates off the kitchen shelf
Nice. Boeing Tri-Motor. WhisperJet.
I remember flying in those. A great plane, for the time. Lots of room, compared to the DC-9. I was sad to see them go...
C.W. Reed
I agree with Robert! Miss very much the "rocket" like takeoff performance....even in 100 deg F. heat! 5 stars here, Leland! Thank you for posting! Cheers!!
Interesting to look at the activity in the below flight log.
This Kalita 727-225 is flying frequently, apparently making a profit!
Good for Kalitta for finding a niche where even dated, inefficient aircraft technology can be utilized to prosper.
I bet the flight engineer is loving it.
Great Shot!
Did the hush kits help with the sound?
The 727 was so much fun to fly. Little sports car. "if you can see the airport over the nose, you could land there". from any altitude.
Kalitta is getting their money's worth on these birds. Built in 1971 and still flying.
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