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Short SD3-60 (N642AN) - phoenix sky harbor international airport 17JAN20
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Short SD3-60 (N642AN)


phoenix sky harbor international airport 17JAN20


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Joe Mayer
Simmons Airlines in my youth. Oh the memories...
Robert Cowling
Northwest Airlink used to fly these. Yeah, you really had to get to the destination to fly in one of these. Yikes...
Robert Cowling
I flew in one, once. Wow... But even a Beech 1900 is transportation. You get to know who you are flying with. I remember a flight out of MIA to NAS. The Beech 19 had a glitter ball like on the Millennium Falcon. Seriously. I laughed so hard... It was a young crew, and they were having fun that day. It was cloudless, and toasty warm. A beautiful day to fly.

But the Short I flew in? It was raining, and in the 40's. A 'FUGLY' day, made all the more FUGLY by the flight, the noise, the crowding, the primitive services, the turbulence. *sigh* I survived. I missed the return flight as we drove back. YIPPEE!!!
Steven Macom
Wow, beautiful. I flew an Allegheny Commuter 360 from PHL to JFK on a rainy October day in 1986. Widebody comfort in an unpressurized box. It was fun to watch the vortices created by the spinning props from the puddles on the tarmac. In-flight, the flight attendant had to knock on the cockpit door to ask to turn down the thermostat. I stepped off the 360 at JFK to board a Pan Am A300 to Miami. Wow.

Thanks for posting.
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
31/lug/2021 SH36Roanoke Rgnl ()Yeager () 07:42 EDT 08:19 EDT 0:37
31/lug/2021 SH36Int'l di Louisville ()Roanoke Rgnl () 05:27 EDT 06:58 EDT 1:31
30/lug/2021 SH36Yeager ()Int'l di Louisville () 22:36 EDT 23:44 EDT 1:07
30/lug/2021 SH36Int'l di Louisville ()Yeager () 05:34 EDT 06:44 EDT 1:09
29/lug/2021 SH36Yeager ()Int'l di Louisville () 22:47 EDT 00:08 EDT (+1) 1:21
29/lug/2021 SH36Int'l di Louisville ()Yeager () 05:14 EDT 06:15 EDT 1:00
28/lug/2021 SH36Yeager ()Int'l di Louisville () 23:03 EDT 00:12 EDT (+1) 1:08
28/lug/2021 SH36Int'l di Louisville ()Yeager () 05:32 EDT 06:38 EDT 1:05
27/lug/2021 SH36Yeager ()Int'l di Louisville () 22:54 EDT 00:00 EDT (+1) 1:05
27/lug/2021 SH36Int'l di Louisville ()Yeager () 05:33 EDT 06:42 EDT 1:08
26/lug/2021 SH36Yeager ()Int'l di Louisville () 22:44 EDT 23:57 EDT 1:13
24/lug/2021 SH36Roanoke Rgnl ()Yeager () 07:37 EDT 08:13 EDT 0:35
24/lug/2021 SH36Int'l di Louisville ()Roanoke Rgnl () 05:25 EDT 06:53 EDT 1:28
23/lug/2021 SH36Yeager ()Int'l di Louisville () 22:45 EDT 23:52 EDT 1:06
23/lug/2021 SH36Int'l di Louisville ()Yeager () 05:24 EDT 06:32 EDT 1:07
22/lug/2021 SH36Yeager ()Int'l di Louisville () 22:50 EDT 00:00 EDT (+1) 1:10
22/lug/2021 SH36Ferguson Field ()Yeager () 08:49 EDT 09:12 EDT 0:23
22/lug/2021 SH36Int'l di Louisville ()Ferguson Field () 05:11 EDT 06:36 EDT 1:25
22/lug/2021 SH36Int'l di Louisville ()Yeager () 05:11 EDT Dirottato
21/lug/2021 SH36Yeager ()Int'l di Louisville () 22:46 EDT 23:59 EDT 1:12
21/lug/2021 SH36Int'l di Louisville ()Yeager () 06:13 EDT 07:29 EDT 1:15
20/lug/2021 SH36Yeager ()Int'l di Louisville () 22:55 EDT 00:10 EDT (+1) 1:15
20/lug/2021 SH36Int'l di Louisville ()Yeager () 05:34 EDT 06:45 EDT 1:10
20/lug/2021 SH36Int'l di Louisville ()Raleigh County Meml () 05:34 EDT Dirottato
19/lug/2021 SH36Yeager ()Int'l di Louisville () 22:47 EDT 23:54 EDT 1:07
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