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Boeing 737-800 (N577AS) - Ever feel like you
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Boeing 737-800 (N577AS)


Ever feel like you're being watched?


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Ian Moult
That is so cool!
What a fun capture! I've always loved that Alaska Airlines livery, and you have made it come to life in this shot!
I find this disturbing :)
Guy Genbrugge
Can somebody tell me who that person is on the back of each airplane?
Wayne Brown
Nice to see Americas favorite airline. Treating customers as people everyday not as cattle.
Thrilled to see this airline expanding its routes across America and International.
My preferred carrier since 1972.
Guy, I have heard that that is "the eskimo man".
Cool shot!
Don Lynch
I think the pic is great. However I have no idea who that is. It has no meaning to me.
Might be Eskimo Joe; runs a great tavern in Stillwater, Oklahoma, usually shown with a big cheesy grin and perfect teeth. :)
Max Jones
Guy Genbrugge, I think I posted this story on this site years ago but this is a perfect opportunity to tell it again! When I was a controller at Burbank tower back in the mid eighties Alaska was taxiing and someone came on frequency and asked "Hey Alaska, who's that guy on your tail?" Alaska replied "He's our Chief Pilot" to which the first guy responded "He's better looking than ours!"
And Isaac Vogelzang is correct. It's just an image of an anonymous Eskimo, according to the Alaska pilot.
Dwight Hartje
Incredible shot!!
Glenn Mottley
I heard once that it is the semblance of a gold miner (in Alaska, a "sourdough"). Kinda cool that it can be viewed both ways. Can anyone from Alaska weigh in on this?
www.alaska.net "After the California gold rush, when the Klondike prospectors sailed from San Francisco to Alaska, they carried precious sourdough starter with them - and ever since sourdough bread has been associated with San Francisco. And in Alaska, a prospector with a pot of sourdough strapped to his back was quickly nicknamed a "sourdough"."
Austen Pyle
It is cool to see the old and new of Alaska's Livery. I really like the new Eskimo! Alaska is the BEST!
Greg Byington
Whether the eskimo on the tail is a real person or not, and if it is who is it, is something of a mystery, and the airline is apparently happy to leave it that way. See their explanation here:


I flew Alaska for the first time last year, and it was great.
Love this picture!
Oh my god a Muammar Gaddafi look alike convention?
Had to laugh! Great shot of my favorite aircraft and airline! Thank you for this unique shot!
Derek MacphersonPhoto Uploader
Thanks so much guys!
Greg Byington
Oh, and great shot, DMac!. It is like a forest of Alaska Airlines tails. ;-)
Sean Ellis
The guy on the tail of the Alaska jets is my friend Thomas Piscoya from Nome Alaska. Tom is a senior Captain at Alaska Airlines and has Ben flying in Alaska about 40 years. Others will say it’s an artistic rendition of a native Alaskan but those of us who know better know for sure it’s Tom!
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
25/giu/2021 B738Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 17:40 EDT 20:20 PDT Schedulato
25/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Los Angeles ()Newark-Liberty () 08:15 PDT 16:25 EDT Schedulato
24/giu/2021 B738Ellison Onizuka Kona Intl At Keahole ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 21:11 HST 04:50 PDT (+1) Schedulato
24/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Los Angeles ()Ellison Onizuka Kona Intl At Keahole () 16:50 PDT 19:25 HST Schedulato
24/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Los Cabos ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 13:35 MDT 14:33 PDT Schedulato
23/giu/2021 B738Kahului ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 15:46 HST 23:17 PDT 4:30
23/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Kahului () 11:49 PDT 13:46 HST 4:57
23/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Baltimora-Washington Thurgood Marshall ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 07:23 EDT 09:36 PDT 5:12
22/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l di Baltimora-Washington Thurgood Marshall () 22:13 PDT 05:38 EDT (+1) 4:24
22/giu/2021 B738Kahului ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 12:26 HST 20:46 PDT 5:19
22/giu/2021 B738Int'l di San Francisco ()Kahului () 08:57 PDT 11:09 HST 5:11
21/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Honolulu ()Int'l di San Francisco () 16:29 HST 23:54 PDT 4:25
21/giu/2021 B738Int'l di San Jose ()Int'l di Honolulu () 12:26 PDT 14:47 HST 5:20
21/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l di San Jose () 09:09 PDT 10:57 PDT 1:48
20/giu/2021 B738Ellison Onizuka Kona Intl At Keahole ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 22:39 HST 06:48 PDT (+1) 5:08
20/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Ellison Onizuka Kona Intl At Keahole () 18:31 PDT 21:09 HST 5:37
20/giu/2021 B738Ellison Onizuka Kona Intl At Keahole ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 08:28 HST 16:49 PDT 5:20
19/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Portland ()Ellison Onizuka Kona Intl At Keahole () 14:22 PDT 16:38 HST 5:16
19/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l di Portland () 10:29 PDT 10:59 PDT 0:29
19/giu/2021 B738Spokane Intl ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 08:13 PDT 09:02 PDT 0:48
19/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Spokane Intl () 06:41 PDT 07:19 PDT 0:37
18/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Anchorage ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 16:49 AKDT 20:48 PDT 2:58
18/giu/2021 B738Fairbanks Intl ()Int'l di Anchorage () 14:50 AKDT 15:32 AKDT 0:41
18/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Anchorage ()Fairbanks Intl () 13:08 AKDT 13:48 AKDT 0:39
18/giu/2021 B738Deadhorse ()Int'l di Anchorage () 10:38 AKDT 12:03 AKDT 1:24
18/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Anchorage ()Deadhorse () 08:22 AKDT 09:44 AKDT 1:21
17/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Honolulu ()Int'l di Anchorage () 21:02 HST 04:28 AKDT (+1) 5:26
17/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Anchorage ()Int'l di Honolulu () 16:00 AKDT 19:44 HST 5:44
17/giu/2021 B738Nome ()Int'l di Anchorage () 12:54 AKDT 14:14 AKDT 1:20
17/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Anchorage ()Nome () 10:35 AKDT 11:51 AKDT 1:15
16/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Los Angeles ()Int'l di Anchorage () 20:04 PDT 23:42 AKDT 4:37
16/giu/2021 B738Playa de Oro Int'l ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 16:24 CDT 17:12 PDT 2:48
16/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Los Angeles ()Playa de Oro Int'l () 10:19 PDT 15:07 CDT 2:47
16/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 06:17 PDT 08:32 PDT 2:14
15/giu/2021 B738Kahului ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 11:30 HST 19:27 PDT 4:57
15/giu/2021 B738Int'l di San Francisco ()Kahului () 08:06 PDT 10:07 HST 5:00
14/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Honolulu ()Int'l di San Francisco () 16:08 HST 23:46 PDT 4:38
14/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l di Honolulu () 12:19 PDT 14:56 HST 5:37
14/giu/2021 B738Int'l di San Diego ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 07:28 PDT 09:40 PDT 2:11
13/giu/2021 B738Lihue ()Int'l di San Diego () 13:27 HST 21:38 PDT 5:10
13/giu/2021 B738Int'l di San Diego ()Lihue () 09:26 PDT 12:13 HST 5:47
12/giu/2021 B738Kahului ()Int'l di San Diego () 22:57 HST 06:48 PDT (+1) 4:50
12/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Los Angeles ()Kahului () 18:52 PDT 21:10 HST 5:17
12/giu/2021 B738Int'l Lic. Gustavo Díaz Ordaz ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 14:35 CDT 15:14 PDT 2:38
12/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Los Angeles ()Int'l Lic. Gustavo Díaz Ordaz () 08:29 PDT 13:01 CDT 2:31
11/giu/2021 B738Int'l di Honolulu ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 22:32 HST 06:26 PDT (+1) 4:53
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