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Airbus A319 (N324NV) - Getting ready to spool up back to Vegas. Full quality photo: a rel=nofollow href=http://www.airliners.net/photo/Allegiant-Air/Airbus-A319-112/4159535http://www.airliners.net/photo/Allegiant-Air/Airbus-A319-112/4159535/a
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Airbus A319 (N324NV)


Getting ready to spool up back to Vegas. Full quality photo: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Allegiant-Air/Airbus-A319-112/4159535


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Greg Byington
Very nice!
Charles Peele
Got to be, next to the The Grace L Ferguson Air Line and Music Societty, the worst Airline operating(?.....................CTP
iFlyGr8Photo Uploader
David Seider
G4 serves its niche. People who get upset with G4, NK, etc. are the ones who fly them solely based on price, and don't realize that you get what you pay for. In this case, it's transportation from one place to another. Period.
Nice looking paint job on that bird.
iFlyGr8Photo Uploader
I agree, I love the G4 paint job on the bus
patrick baker
tough to compete with spirit airlines for the title of "outhouse airlines", but it is close, very close. Spirit has newer aircraft . allegiant has the geriatric aircraft in its fleet, and neither has leg or butt-room worth noting. Saving money ought not to be so very discomfortable.
James Hanley
What is the difference between this 4 OW exit door a319 and a a320?
Jeff Hymack
Sweet looking ride. Cant wait for your company to get more of them.
Great shot!
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
01/ott/2022 A319internazionale Cincinnati ()Orlando Sanford Intl () 17:00 EDT 18:47 EDT Schedulato
27/set/2022 A319Orlando Sanford Intl ()internazionale Cincinnati () 22:14 EDT 23:53 EDT 1:38
26/set/2022 A319South Bend Intl ()Orlando Sanford Intl () 17:58 EDT 19:59 EDT 2:00
26/set/2022 A319Orlando Sanford Intl ()South Bend Intl () 14:48 EDT 16:54 EDT 2:05
26/set/2022 A319Springfield ()Orlando Sanford Intl () 10:52 CDT 13:46 EDT 1:53
26/set/2022 A319Orlando Sanford Intl ()Springfield () 08:27 EDT 09:36 CDT 2:09
25/set/2022 A319Portsmouth Intl At Pease ()Orlando Sanford Intl () 11:28 EDT 14:19 EDT 2:50
25/set/2022 A319Orlando Sanford Intl ()Portsmouth Intl At Pease () 07:44 EDT 10:04 EDT 2:19
24/set/2022 A319Clearwater Intl ()Orlando Sanford Intl () 18:11 EDT 18:36 EDT 0:25
24/set/2022 A319Des Moines Intl ()Clearwater Intl () 13:50 CDT 17:09 EDT 2:19
24/set/2022 A319Orlando Sanford Intl ()Des Moines Intl () 08:34 EDT 10:07 CDT 2:32
23/set/2022 A319Chicago/Rockford Intl ()Orlando Sanford Intl () 18:36 CDT 21:41 EDT 2:05
23/set/2022 A319Orlando Sanford Intl ()Chicago/Rockford Intl () 16:07 EDT 17:35 CDT 2:27
23/set/2022 A319The Eastern Iowa ()Orlando Sanford Intl () 10:43 CDT 13:49 EDT 2:05
23/set/2022 A319Orlando Sanford Intl ()The Eastern Iowa () 08:02 EDT 09:26 CDT 2:23
22/set/2022 A319Albany Intl ()Orlando Sanford Intl () 19:50 EDT 22:15 EDT 2:24
22/set/2022 A319Orlando Sanford Intl ()Albany Intl () 16:06 EDT 18:38 EDT 2:31
22/set/2022 A319Portsmouth Intl At Pease ()Orlando Sanford Intl () 11:46 EDT 14:29 EDT 2:42
22/set/2022 A319Orlando Sanford Intl ()Portsmouth Intl At Pease () 07:37 EDT 10:21 EDT 2:44
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