Technical Information

Site Requirements


  • Reliable and always-on (24/7) Internet connection (broadband not required)
  • Available uplink bandwidth of <10Kbps for ADS-B or <50Kbps for ADS-B+MLAT
  • Standard RJ45 Ethernet connection or WiFi
  • Standard router/modem with DHCP auto-configure network setup
  • NAT compatible


  • Reliable electrical power (battery back-up preferred but not required)
  • Standard residential/office 108-240V (usage: 1A @ 5V)
  • Minimum 200 joules surge protector, 800 joules if the area has known power issues

ADS-B Antenna Site

  • Antenna should have a clear line of sight to the sky with no obstructions
  • Antenna must be located within 15m / 50ft of the FlightFeeder (shorter is preferable)

FlightFeeder Site

  • Must be located within 15m / 50ft of the antenna
  • Must be installed indoors (hangar or garage is acceptable)
  • Must be installed in a dry environment and not be subject to rain or moisture

Kit Includes

  • FlightFeeder receiver
  • External Antenna (1 ft./300 mm antenna, total size 2 ft./600 mm with mounting bracket)
  • Antenna cable, low-loss with SMA connectors (length choice of 5m, 10m or 15m)
  • Ethernet (length of 10 ft./3 m)
  • USB power cable (with local plug or adapter)
  • 1090 MHz bandpass filter (provided with FlightFeeder Orange hardware only)
  • FlightAware t-shirt

FlightFeeder Specifications

  • Weight: 225g / 0.5lbs
  • Dimensions: 115mm x 77mm x 64mm / 4.5in x 3in x 2.5in
  • Antenna Port: SMA male (requires SMA N-female antenna cable, included)
  • Power: Less than 5 W
  • Range: Over 250nm depending on installation quality
  • Performance: Over 1,500 Mode S frames per second
  • Computer: Does not require a computer
  • Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C

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