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Op-Ed: Pilots Can be Heroes, but Also Murderers

The LAMIA 2933 crash that killed 71 people in Colombia was a foolish, irresponsible tragedy that should have been avoided by the Captain himself, as well a number of other people who hopefully will be investigated and brought to justice. ( Altro...

Boeing's First 787-10 Enters into Final Assembly

Boeing said on Thursday it has begun the final assembly of the first 787-10, a production milestone for the third and largest member of the Dreamliners. ( Altro...

NASA starts testing more fuel efficient jet engine tech

A group of engineers have developed a new jet engine tech that can improve planes' fuel efficiency by four to eight percent, and NASA has begun testing it out. They created a new type of engine propulsor -- composed of the fan and a part called the inlet, which directs air into the engine -- designed to be embedded into a jet plane's body. Jet engines are typically placed away from the aircraft's surface, because of a highly distorted film of air called the boundary layer that envelopes the… ( Altro...

FAA orders Boeing 787 safety fix

The FAA is mandating that operators of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner periodically reset the power on the airplane to avoid a glitch that could cause all three computer modules that manage the jet’s flight control surfaces to stop working while in flight. ( Altro...

Canada: Feds choose Airbus C295 for new search-and-rescue plane

The federal Canadian government will choose the Airbus C295 ( Altro...

American Airlines flight attendants want new uniforms recalled

American Airlines' flight attendants union called on the airline Friday to recall its new uniforms claiming the garments are to blame for a string of health problems including headaches, rashes and respiratory problems. American and the union, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, have been jointly testing the uniforms to determine if the clothing is responsible for the reactions that have triggered more than 1,600 health complaints by cabin crews. The airline has also offered… ( Altro...

Private jet in crash that killed Bin Laden relatives came in too fast, report finds

A private jet that crashed, killing three members of Osama bin Laden’s family, landed too far down the runway because it was travelling 40% faster than the recommended speed, accident investigators concluded. The Saudi-registered Phenom 300 jet smashed into an earth bank at the end of the runway at Blackbushe airport, Camberley, on the border of Hampshire and Surrey, on 31 July last year before becoming airborne again and colliding with several parked cars. ( Altro...


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