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Editorial: Air Canada, FAA hindered investigation of SFO near-miss
The FAA, which was responsible for having only one air controller working traffic in the tower at the time, took more than 24 hours to notify the NTSB. The delay allowed Air Ca (Altro)
Alitalia is the third in Europe for punctuality
The airline ranked tenth in the world according to the independent US company... (Altro)
Swiss Says Goodbye to the Avro “Jumbolino”
Swiss International Airlines has retired its last Avro RJ100 regional jet. To mark the occasion, the airline flew the 15-year veteran aircraft on a special final flight between (Altro)
As the Scourge of Human Trafficking Intensifies, AirAsia Trains its Cabin Crew to Spot Traffickers and Their Victims
AirAsia is to train up to 10,000 frontline staff to spot human trafficking victims and the criminals behind it. According to the UN, the global crime is worth an estimated $15 (Altro)
Boeing’s and NASA’s new Blended Wing design
NASA and Boeing are working together on the development of a new wing design called ”blended wing” to take air travel into the future.The idea is to create a more fuel efficien (Altro)
One Bird Kills Two Engines
A Eurowings A319 at Stuttgart suffered dual engine failure after a bird was ingested in one and fragments were ingested in the other. The aircraft rejected takeoff. (Altro)