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Qantas, Virgin Australia ban 'Knee Defender'

Qantas and Virgin Australia have banned the controversial Knee Defender dongle which prevents economy seats from reclining. (www.ausbt.com.au) Altro...

Lawsuits Challenge FAA Drone Ban

Several groups comprised of research universities, commercial drone operators and model aircraft hobbyists have filed federal lawsuits challenging the FAA over its rules relating to unmanned aerial vehicles. Three lawsuits filed on Friday ask the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to review the validity of a June directive issued by the FAA, which the agency says is an attempt to clarify current model aircraft regulations. (www.flyingmag.com) Altro...

New Electric Trainer from Pipistrel Takes Flight

Pipistrel's new WATTsUP, a two-seat airplane design targeted for flight training, took flight last week, and Pipistrel hopes to deliver it to customers as soon as next year. The Siemens AG motor that powers WATTsUP weighs just over 30 pounds and produces 85kW. Pipistrel claims the motor produces more power than a Rotax 912 and can be fully charged in about one hour thanks to the company's battery management technology. (www.flyingmag.com) Altro...

China Southern drops first-class – in name only – due to anti-corruption drive

China Southern Airlines plans to change the name of its first-class cabin to business class in a bid to reclaim official customers amid Beijing's crackdown on wasteful government spending. All passengers sitting in the newly named business class will enjoy the same service as first-class customers after the change takes effect on Oct. 26, the carrier said in a statement. The move will include China Southern's narrow-body jets flying domestic routes. (uk.reuters.com) Altro...

NPR - Bigger, Faster Air Tankers Help Forest Service Tackle Wildfires

In the battle against wildfires, the Forest Service often draws on a fleet of air tankers — planes that drop fire retardant from the sky. But the fleet shrank dramatically in the early 2000s, and by 2012, the Forest Service was woefully low on planes. Now, the agency is quickly increasing the number of planes at its disposal — and modernizing the fleet in the process by adding bigger, faster and more efficient planes. (www.npr.org) Altro...

NTSB Boots UPS, Pilots Union from Crash Investigation Team

A public relations war of words between UPS and the cargo airline's pilots union has gotten both kicked off the investigation team working to determine what caused the crash of UPS Flight 1354 in Birmingham, Alabama, on Aug. 14, 2013. The National Transportation Safety Board announced yesterday it has revoked the party status of UPS and the Independent Pilots Association, barring further involvement by representatives from either side looking into the crash of the UPS Airbus A300-600, which… (www.flyingmag.com) Altro...

Air New Zealand flying high with record NZ$262m profit

Air New Zealand has chalked up record post-tax profit of NZ$262 million, representing a meaty 30% growth over its 2012-3013 results and believed to be biggest take-home pot for AirNZ in a decade. It's also a large number for a relatively small airline, which underscores why Air New Zealand is one of only four airlines in the world to boast an investment-grade credit rating. (www.ausbt.com.au) Altro...

Debate: do we still need DUAT(S)?

A number of rumors (some backed up by the companies involved) suggest that DUAT(S) may be on the chopping block. (airfactsjournal.com) Altro...

Tragedies and Young Pilots

Is 17 too young for a pilot to attempt such a flight? On one's own? The answer is an emphatic "yes." With help? Well, getting help makes such attempts dubious to begin with. (www.flyingmag.com) Altro...

American Eagle mid-air fuel leak

The pilot reported fuel leaking from the right wing while the American Eagle flight was en route to Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Dallas, Texas yesterday. The two-hour flight was aborted and the aircraft landed safely in Springfield, Missouri. (hisz.rsoe.hu) Altro...

Qatar reveals first Airbus A350 in full livery

Qatar has revealed its first Airbus A350 in full livery ahead of the jet's debut before the end of this year. (tinyurl.com) Altro...

Knee-defender sees passengers kicked off United flight

Airline passengers have come to expect a tiny escape from the confined space of today's packed planes: the ability to recline their seat a few inches. When one passenger was denied that bit of personal space, it led to a heated argument and the unscheduled landing of their plane, just halfway to its destination. (www.smh.com.au) Altro...

In Europe, flying on empty leg private jet flights is cheaper than discount airline

Empty-leg flights on private jets are offered for up to 75 per cent less than the usual going rate (www.dailymail.co.uk) Altro...

Etihad to fly Airbus A380 to Sydney from June 1, 2015

Etihad will begin Airbus A380 flights between Sydney and Abu Dhabi from 1 June 2015. The daily superjumbo service will run as EY454 (Abu Dhabi to Sydney) and EY455 (Sydney to Abu Dhabi), replacing the current Boeing 777-300. (www.ausbt.com.au) Altro...

Qantas to boost USA flights

A spokes person for Qantas Simon Hockey has announced along with approval from Allan Joyce the CEO of Qantas that they will revamp flights from Australia to the USA.From YSSY passengers can have a choice of flying in the morning or in the afternoon to the USA. QF107 which flies from YSSY to KLAX and onwards to New York will be replaced by QF17, For which the service leaves YSSY at 17.30hrs daily using the B744. YBBN QF15 will remain unchanged but continue on from KLAX to JFK New York this is a… (www.qantas.com.au) Altro...

Lufthansa could face another pilot strike

Lufthansa pilots could go on strike again, German pilot union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) has announced. VC said in a statement that talks with Lufthansa management has failed to reach an agreement over its early retirement scheme. The union said it will inform the traveling public in advance before any strike action would start. (atwonline.com) Altro...

Pilot forced to make emergency landing after restraining agitated elderly passenger

An elderly passenger in a light plane tried to grab the aircraft's controls before the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing in a paddock in New South Wales (www.smh.com.au) Altro...

Mayor on Frontier suspending Sioux City flights: 'Unacceptable'

Frontier Airlines jilts Sioux City, Iowa for the second time, third time if you count original Frontier Airlines dumping the route back in the 1980's (siouxcityjournal.com) Altro...

United Nations Helicopter Crash in South Sudan Kills Three

"A United Nations cargo helicopter crashed in South Sudan, killing three crew members, the mission there said. The helicopter was on a "routine cargo flight" Tuesday from the town of Wau to Bentiu, the U.N. said. The mission lost contact with the craft about 2:30 p.m. local time. The U.N. said it would begin an investigation as soon as possible." (online.wsj.com) Altro...

Drone View of Napa Earthquake

Nicely done short video of Napa Earthquake damage. This is a good way to use drones. (www.cnn.com) Altro...

Four Case Western students killed in crash on takeoff from KCGF

Plane went down just after takeoff from Cuyahoga County Regional Airport Monday night. (www.10tv.com) Altro...

Honeywell, Rockwell Collins roll out advanced (3-D) cockpit radar

For airlines, better radar can help planes weave safely through and around weather systems. It can enhance safety and save money by reducing weather delays. And for passengers, improved weather radar can reduce the midair bumps, jolts and plunges that come inside and on the periphery of storms. (www.dallasnews.com) Altro...

Court Dismiss Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Well Known Miami Billionaire

On Monday, Miami’s 11th Circuit Court judge dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit for a lack of evidence over a helicopter crash back in 2012. The lawsuit had been filed against Jeffery Soffer (avstop.com) Altro...

Chinese develop super-fast submarine to ‘fly’ through water in an ‘air bubble’

Researchers at the Harbin Institute of Technology in northeast China tell the South China Morning Post that they're hard at work on a submarine that the newspaper claims could travel the 6100 miles (9820 kilometres) from "Shanghai to San Francisco in 100 minutes" by creating a bubble of air that encompasses the whole submarine, ejecting gas through the nose with enough force that it forms water vapor. This greatly reduces drag and allows it to travel at high speeds not possible by… (www.smh.com.au) Altro...

The Ten best Fictional Aircraft

A lot of thought has gone into the fictional aircraft that have appeared in books, films and TV shows. This is a tribute to the clever and imaginative people who have put their aviation know-how to use in producing flying ‘stars’. These aircraft are characters in their own right, and have entered the consciousness of millions. (hushkit.wordpress.com) Altro...

Aussie airlines Qantas, Virgin get approval for 'gate-to-gate' gadgets

Passengers on domestic Virgin Australia flights, along with domestic and international Qantas flights, will finally be allowed to use their iPads, Kindles and other personal electronic devices on a 'gate to gate' basis from Tuesday, August 26. (tinyurl.com) Altro...