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JetBlue A321 Tips Back On Tail At JFK

A JetBlue A321 tipped on its tail at the gate at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport after being unloaded incorrectly. ( More...

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R Jolly 7
Were the pax still inside? The see-saw ride must be a scare. I read about an alert ground crew once noticing the nose oleo staring to expand during pax deboarding and raised an alarm just in time to prevent a similar incident.
Roger Anderson 4
I saw a Tiktok video yesterday where there were paxs on board (most being in the rear area) when it tipped. They had to move them forward in small groups to level the aircraft. Seems like they did everything not recommended during unloading lol
druck13 3
If it was a Ryanair flight, O'Leary would charge then extra for the "DC3 tail dragger experience".
mbrews 1
If Jetblue was a NFL team --- " Airbus A 321 assumes the tailback position for Jetblue "
Larry Kekst 6
I told them again and again not to put me in the last row!! Now they will listen to me!
Bayouflier 4
And I thought the flight attendant jokes would be flowing by now.
They need to put all the fat people up front. Wait a minute, we're all fat.
srobak 2
Tailstands are a thing. They were at every 135 station on flightline back in the day. Also starting the cargo and container load up front before the pax helps with this.
john baugh 2
Have a couple of friends that fly for JetBLue and they are excellent pilots. That being said, JetBLue makes the news more than all other carriers combined for dumb things and employee/customer eccentricities. Management needs to look at themselves in the mirror.
Loadmaster was on Coffee break and the Pilots did not remain in the Cockpit to offset the balance.
Hang a stand on the Tail Skid Assemble.
Joe Keifer 4
Planes need to take a dump too.
avionik99 3
Another ground crew screw up. Its a pandemic!
David Beattie 6
Oh, no need for panic. This stuff’s been happening for years. You can find many pix of aircraft on their tail well before the current shortage of crews. Considering the increased number of flights and passengers post pandemic, and the tendency for every little thing that goes wrong to be broadcast over social media 24 hours a day gives the impression that the “Sky is falling”. It’s not. I’m in it right now. Still up here.
Bill Ross 5
Ah, if could be that the pax in the rear exceeded the W&B
Make ALL obese pax sit in front!🤣
Richard Haas 1
They want to. Not necessary to make them.
srobak 1
Then it wasn't boarded properly.
sharon bias 2
You had one job........
Does anyone know if J6 outsources its ground crews at JFK?
Richard Haas 2
Internet says ground crew are Jet Blue employees.
Michael Meyers 1
No harm no foul
WhiteKnight77 1
This was nothing but a weights and balance issue. I watched a news report about this where the woman thought that she was going to die. :rolleyes:


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