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New Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Flight Cap Coming 2024

Amsterdam Schiphol proceeding with new flight cap The Dutch government is making preparations to reduce flight capacity at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to 452,500 flights per year, which is bad news for airlines serving the airport (and in turn, for passengers). This policy is expected to be implemented as of 2024, though an exact date is subject to this plan being approved by the European Commission. This means that some flights that are already on sale may need to be canceled. For context, this… ( More...

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mbrews 10
Short summary of article : Schiphol flight operations to be cut by 10 %
avionik99 5
Just use bigger airplanes....Duh!!
Justthefacs 5
Idea. Ban any product that has any connection to petroleum. No clothes, no food, no fuel, no anything. Even most apparel has some synthetic content. The height of idiocy. Ever wonder where the Grand Canyon came from? Glaciers melted, i.e., climate change. It happens, get over it.
Derek Vaughn 4
Can't wait till this action prevents wildfires!
Kyle Barnoff 3
So so dumb. The world is becoming a sad dystopian s**thole.
Mike Mohle 1
Another waste of time effort to combat "climate change". But, when there are mandates for taking the trains rather than planes no one will be allowed to fly on some short routes anyway (while wearing 16 masks).
Great. Now all other countries should ban the Dutch.
Anna Gray 1
More governments should do that. Reduce even further. The sky is filled with flying trash called airplanes that torture and abuse noise sensitive neurogivergent people. The day noisy gas powered airplanes are be gone forever will be the day to celebrate.
This is a particular nonsense since Schiphol has a high-speed railroad station in the terminal. The airport should be the main entrepôt to Europe with connecting travelers taking Thalys to Brussels/Paris or ICE to western Germany.
John D 1
Lots of triggering going on here.
Randall Bursk -3
Earth can’t support increasing population. We need to let science and technology move forward to prevent starvation, extinction of species, destruction of ecosystem. Look at countries around the world, see what’s happening with your eyes. Your families will be suffering if you don’t help.

Randall Bursk 2
25% of the population is without drinking water part of every year. No water, crops and livestock die. Migrate to another area or country. Lake Chad in Africa is a good example of what’s happening around the world. 75% of the lake has dried up affecting millions. Suitcase farmers of the dustbowl of the 1930’s help create 7 years of drought and ruined the soil by not doing contour plowing. Did mostly one way plowing that turned over the ground. Created dust pneumonia that killed members of families. Percentage of the farmers tried moving to California where they were stopped at the border. Not welcomed. Check the Dust Bowl history. Not necessarily a poverty issue. Better ways that people can do things with science and technology. Aquifers in Texas, Arizona, mid west will be gone in the future using irrigation, Bitcoin production, filling plastic water bottles. Etc.
strickerje 2
We've been hearing of an imminent overpopulation crisis for at least a century now, and we've always managed to adapt to keep up with demand. I'm not sure what you're referring to by "Look at countries around the world, see what’s happening with your eyes" - what it looks like to me is we have around the lowest global poverty rate in human history.


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