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4,000 US flights delayed or canceled due to severe storms

Nearly 4,000 flights across the United States were delayed or canceled Monday after powerful storms ripped through the parts of the country, mainly in the Southeast and the Ohio Valley. ( More...

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Steve Aliamus 2
After further review, the number is actually 8,000.

linbb -1
So ho hum nothing new here just the east coast weather being its normal crappy self along with other states in the right half of the USA. Get over it oh forgot its a huge news story every night.
btweston 3
Put down the Doritos and go outside, my man.
D Rotten 0
Riiiiiight!! (it's amazing that people believe whatever they are told to believe!)
avionik99 -2
Average high is 94 she said. That means half the time it is higher. Which this week it is. So whats the big deal? Weather happens. Can't get an average of 94 if over half the time it isn't actually higher...Duh!
victorbravo77 5
"Average" doesn't alway mean middle. Mean, median, and mode. All different.
Steve Taylor 3
The "average' American would struggle to calculate even the mean


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