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Russian pilots should repair aircraft themselves, says official

Russia’s pilots should become mechanics and learn how to maintain aircraft themselves, according to the country’s Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Oleg Bocharov. “Together with the Ministry of transport we should prepare and certify pilots as universal soldiers: they should be pilots and mechanics at the same time. And the equipment should include the possibility of field repairs,” Bocharov announced during a session at the Eastern Economic Forum reported by Aviatorschina’s Telegram… ( More...

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patrick baker 9
hearing a delusional russian official speak this degree of nonsense is pretty funny. Behold an ignorant beaurocrat complelely at sea with fanciful thoughts, who has the courage to show the world what a dumb-ass he truly is.
k1121j 5
Well now we know who he will blame when they install cheap uncertified parts on a plane and it crashes.
James Simms 2
Be even easier if the pilot/‘mechanic’ doesn’t survive to defend themselves
ffrcobra1 4
This idea, and the uncertified parts being installed on their Airbus and Boeing fleets, should really help their safety record.
sharon bias 4
Clear example why one of the greatest powers in the world is getting it's butt kicked by a little nation. The powers to be have no understanding of how things actually work. And if they do, a little bribe money can change their opinion. It would be funny if thousands of young men and women hadn't already been used as cannon fodder.
Debi Flynn 1
@Patrick Baker . I agree with your sentiments but I think you missed the point. Doug was trying to point out that since Mr. Buttigieg is the secretary of transportation in the US he might see the article and try the same implement the same strategy here. It was a joke, but not a gay joke
aurodoc 1
The next step will be Russian mechanics need to certify as pilots.
Doug Haviland 0
I hope Buttigieg doesn’t see this article.
patrick baker 3
this is a stupid comment: we in america have lots of mechanics, with tough rules on regular inspections on aircraft, using only certified parts and logging those inspections. THis is what keeps us nearly accident free, and yet we still get foolish comments from the peanut gallery gallery about pete buttigieg. THe guy is gay- get over it. He is an effective parent, a distinguished effective former mayor, and man with a solid reputation, even with over- scrutiny by bigots and small minded comentators.


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