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Airbus Confirms Cancellation of Remaining Qatar A350 Orders

Airbus (AIR.PA) on Thursday confirmed it had revoked all remaining A350 orders from Qatar Airways, raising the stakes in a safety and contractual dispute with the Gulf carrier. ( More...

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Chris B 3
Qatar is losing every battle with Airbus.

It's lost A350s is wanted and were ready to fly. It's lost A321 production slots it wanted. The court order to pay 90% of Airbus legal costs and delaying the trial date sends clear signals that Qatar isn't on a winning streak here.

It's like a school yard bully who doesn't know when to quit.
Qatar got screwed when they complained that the paint was a serious issue. That's what happens when non-aviation courts get involved. Qatar lost money, but none of their aircraft crashed because of peeling paint. Airbus loses in the long run because of stubborness. Just like refusal to build an A30 freighter variant.
Mark Kortum 3
Generalissimo Francisco Franco is not dead yet!
Thomas Francl 4
Of course he is and he's still running Spain, although through his son. Had lunch with him just last week. He looks good for a guy that will turn 130 in a few months!
joepre 2
Now that Airbus has trained the Chinese how to build airplanes, maybe Qatar can get some from them
That paint issue with Qatar has been ongoing for a while. I wonder what other factors caused the cancellation of the contract. Because if that was the primary problem, I wouldn't want to buy an aircraft with paint problems, and I would wonder why they just didn't fix the issue.
jhakunti 1
i believe the COMAC planes were having these same issues in quality.
Pete Ostrowski 3
Is there anything published that I can review that can confirm this information


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