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14,000 Pilots Take Out Full-Page Newspaper Ad Calling Out Their Own Company

The Allied Pilots Association (APA) published an open letter to the new American Airlines Group CEO in several newspapers Wednesday on behalf of the 14,000 American Airlines pilots the organization represents. ( Altro...

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i have flown on american airlines for over forty years, through them being the most exquisite airline with elegant service, attentive crew to much less so,then back to better for a while, and now back into the trash heap once more.The current american airlines is out of touch with any semblence of customer care or service, and the snooty flight crews are a disgrace. The reason comes down to the expectations of the management team and how they transmitt those wishes to the employees These bosses are confrontational in the extreme and the pilots will have none of it any more. This current airline size seems to be beyond the abilities of the current management "team", and for many good reasons ought to be replaced, and the company sold out from under them. overdue.....
Roy Hunte 2
It sounds like you are describing a certain American aircraft manufacturer at the same time. Hmmmmmm.
I agree with you Patrick, American "WAS" a really great Airline, but now what with poor management at all levels and added to that the Pandemic too and it's affect on most all of us? then maybe it's time for a total overhaul at AA.

I am a Pilot myself and on a recent flight from DFW to LAX in the First Class section, we are about 15 mins away from LAX when a Female F/A walks down the aisle coming up from behind me and say's to me as she passes by, "Tighten Your Seat Belt". Now I have it already buckled tightly on me and I am of a slim build and not wearing anything that would have hidden that fact from her? but it's this type of "attitude" that seems to be across the entire AA Flight Crews these days? a short abrupt "order" given to a Paying Passenger... and is no wonder that these days others are displaying Air Rage on flights? The entire flight crew did NOT seem to be happy at all and I can often see just why now.
Lay off's and low wages, plus rude passengers too of course? and a company that seems more interested in a profit than trying harder to see to it that it's employees are better taken care of.

My views and comments here of course, and many will not agree? but that's what a free country is all about RIGHT !!!
My issue with American is their unreliable "feeder" airlines.


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