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A photo of Lizzo getting on a private jet wearing open-back leggings sparks a debate

The video, which Lizzo posted on Twitter and Instagram, shows her getting out of a car. The start of her new song, “About Damn Time,” plays as she walks up the stairs of a private jet, and she’s wearing a bra and high-waisted leggings from Yitty; the leggings have much of the back cut out. ( Altro...

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Did the term “Butt Ugly” come to anyone else’s ’ mind?
mbrews 4
Hint to B. W. If people sought material you have put up from sites like CNN and Huffington Post, they would go there directly, not via an aviation forum.

Perhaps you mis-posted to flightaware because you were UN-aware. Good day to you.
racerxx 4
Why is this even a submission?
I didn't figure that the airplane would be able to take off with that mass on board.

avionik99 5
Who the hell is this fat homely black girl showing body parts that would make most men puke and why should anyone in flight aviation care?
I totally agree
John Wynn 2
My eyes can never unsee that.


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