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Emirates Cancels Most Flights To US Due To 5G

This situation escalated quickly. Emirates has just announced that it is suspending a majority of flights to the United States due to the planned launch of 5G tomorrow. Here’s how the airline describes this in a memo to employees: ( Altro...

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All the hype of Y2K and just as overblown.
Ron Klein 3
Perhaps an excuse to not fly unprofitable routes.
They just want to re-imagine another deadly plandemic first.
Tim Dyck 2
Why is the USA the only country that allowed cellular companies access to a bandwidth close to that used by the aviation industry? I could understand this happening in some banana republic were a few dollars in the right hands sways policy but the USA should be better then this.
srobak 1
uhhh.... we're not? 5G has already seen global implementation, without issue.
Tim Dyck 6
In other parts of the world the 5G is not encroaching on the bandwidths used by the aviation industry. This is only an American issue and only because your FCC doesn’t care about aircraft safety
srobak -2
You misspelled "frequencies" - and yes, 5G C band is in use elsewhere in the world - including the UK. In fact - companies like Vodafone & 3 operate right up to 4GHz, while US companies cap at 3.98GHz. So yeah - elsewhere in the world is actually "encroaching" more than the US. In either case - it is a full 200MHz away from altimeter, and neither technology uses ultra wideband to bleed that far over into the other spectrum.

Man - you must really wig out when tuning to localizers in 108 when there are radio stations at 107.9 lol
Tim Dyck 0
Wrong. US caps at 4.1. Maybe get your facts straight instead of trying to push misinformation.
BTW as a Ham Radio operator I know a bit about radio so I don’t “wig out” over it. Maybe take your trash talk to Facebook or Twitter and leave this site to people who perfer more civilized discussion.
srobak 1
let's try this again.... while the mid C band is allocated from 3.7 to 4.2 (not 4.1) - no licenses are being issued beyond 3.98 for this very reason (read: capped). You can read all about it in FCC 18-91A1.

Again - you have much more to fear from your local 107.9 easy listening station messing up your 108 localizers than you do from a north of 200MHz spread in GHz space on narrow bandwidth.

btw - have had my ticket since 86 - so 73's
Political move. That's all it is.
srobak 1
Emirates is an airline - not a political party, least of all in the US.
SootBox 1
This sounds ridiculous.
Didn't the FAA get an extension just the other day to do more testing?
srobak 1
sooooo even though every single aircraft the Emirates owns is on the cleared list to fly in 5G - they choose not to do it, and only here in the US. That makes absolutely zero sense.
godutch -1
Retribution for the FAA being ignoramuses. I don't blame them. This whole government is out for total control ..of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.
srobak 2
yeah, but that isn't hurting the gov any.... only the airlines in lost revenues. It also wasn't the gov's action.... both the faa and the fcc told the carriers to back off, and the carriers were plowing ahead anyhow. Emirates and the like couldn't be further from hurting the "offender" if they were blindfolded, turned 180 away from the carriers and pushed.

Sorry - I get why they are wanting to do.... something - but this wasn't the route to go, nor to accomplish anything.
ADXbear -3
So all this talk on how the 5G is fine all over the world was just plain on BULL CRAP..
What is wrong with you people out there perpetuating that lye?

Do you want to to be on that plane perfotmingba low visibility approach using inaccurate radar altimeter information?... I think not..

But your dam phone signal will get to the accident sight first!

godutch 1
Name one instance, domestic, foreign, or in testing that shows this to be a TRUE issue, vs POSSIBLE issue.
aurodoc 4
Regardless of whether this 5G roll out affects radio altimeter signal or not, what the hell have they (FAA and FCC ) been doing over the last 2 years to test and plan for this? Can the US government and its agencies be so inept and ignorant to allow this to happen and 2 days before 5G is turned on question its safety? Heads should roll.
godutch 1
Yes...inept and no accountability...either administration.
737man 4
I like you approach to safety. The towers were not turned on yet, how would you propose one would have found a TRUE issue. The cell carriers did ZERO research into what else was used in the same radio spectrum, and they are totally at fault.
godutch 5
Flight testing. Duh...all this BS and no flight testing!?!?! The AVIATION INDUSTRY was MORE responsible! Every new system is flight tested to the max. Where's the results? Are you trying to intimate this should not have taken place yet and the FAA/Airlines/ICAO/NTSB should not have tested on a 5G cell set up under an approach yet? I call BS that it was the cell company's sole responsibility.
Tim Dyck 2
The aviation industry used those frequencies first so they should have priority. Besides if an aircraft crashes it can kill people, sometimes a lot of people, but if your phone has a little slower data it really has zero impact on anyone.


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