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5G Rollout Expected to Delay Over 345,000 Flights

5G is being rolled out across the United States but is being scrutinized on whether or not it poses a threat to safety in the air. 5G uses frequencies between 3.70 and 3.98 GHz, which is very similar to what radio altimeters on aircraft use. Radio altimeters are used to determine the altitude of aircraft during critical phases of flight. One of the critical phases of flight is when visibility is reduced, and instruments aids must be used to land instead of visual aids. According to the Radio… ( Altro...

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So rather than resolve any potential issues in a professional manner the FAA, FCC and Airlines choose to battle this out in the arena of public opinion.
Of course, isn’t the arena of public opinion where decisions of this nature always wind up being decided — after all, as political appointees the value of public opinion at the voting booth far outweighs common sense and sensibility or doing the job entrusted to you. Sad but true!
I'm trying to figure out the math, according to there are 45K flights per day in the National Air Space System and yet A4A states 345k US flights & 5400 cargo flights will be delayed. Scare tactic or are there 300K+ ghost planes flying around?
dcmeigs 3
If you go to and read their press release, the 345k figure was their estimation of the number of flights that would have been cancelled in 2019. So that’s an annual number rather than a daily figure. There must be some unwritten rule about aviation reporting; it’s always fouled up.
acmi 1
I have to do a minor chuckle. I have 5G internally on both my cell and internal apartment network wireless...att first responder net..>net...don't ask...about once a month I get a call from the local cops that I am screwing up the radar trigger on their traffic speed cams...such is life
5G wifi is different from 5G cellular. 5G wifi is 5gHz, vs 5G cellular which is 5th generation.

5G cellular can operate in different frequency bands, and the one sold to AT&T and Verizon is much closer to the frequency used by RAs than the 5G bands used elsewhere in the world.
How do they know that you or your equipment is the problem?
avionik99 0
Its used in over 60 other countries without one single issue. Why would America be any different other than politics?
So, here's the difference between 5G in the U.S. and in other countries, such as in Europe.
5G in the U.S. is double the power that other countries use. The U.S. is using frequencies between 3.7-3.98 GHz. Other countries use the slower 3.4-3.8 GHz. So it’s a bit farther removed from what LRRA uses, 4.2-4.4 GHz. Less chance of interference. Also, radio altimeters use low power emissions, vs 5G using high power emissions. It’s like standing in a room listening to someone whispering, while the stereo is blaring away. Other countries, reduce their power even more near airports and tilt the array away at an angle from the flight path. The original U.S. plan doesn't do that. The technical community has said from the beginning, this was going to be a problem.
Cleffer 5
No one is talking about the power levels, just the frequencies. Apparently, our power levels are much higher than in the EU.
Different frequencies are generally used in other countries, with much less effect on radar altimeter frequencies. Same applies to T-Mobile in the US which is why they aren't involved in this brouhaha.
Y2K all over again, with just as much B.S.
dcmeigs 0
“CATI ILS approaches are based on decision height and would not be affected by 5G, but many airports do not have the system and it can be an expensive cost to build.”

Well, I’m going to turn my 5G off. I don’t need it anyway because my Wi-Fi is faster anyway. Hopefully we can all do the same, maybe start a trend, help a country out? Whaddayasay?
DANL68 -1
Pete G has a BIG part in this mess.
Nope - the call was made by the FCC, ignoring FAA, industry, and (nonexistant leadership) NTIA for the bandwidth sale in 2020. Blame Ajit Pai.


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