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Flying for Thanksgiving this year? Austin airport warns: arrive early, prepare for long lines

If you’re planning to fly out of Austin for the Thanksgiving holiday this year, get ready to wait in long lines at the airport. Officials at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport say they expect a “significantly busier than usual terminal experience” throughout the holiday travel period — Friday, Nov. 19 through Monday, Nov. 29. Wait times are expected to be particularly long in the early morning hours, especially for passengers traveling before 9 a.m. ( Altro...

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Cleffer 4
Same recycled story, every year. What's next? Your Christmas tree is a fire hazard?

Seriously, if you don't know this by now.
ADXbear 2
So I compared my drive from MCO to AUS to the flight taken by a Family member.. I left at 5am got to Austin at 6pm..

My family member left our house for an hour drive to MCO at 930am the flight departed at 1200 went to ATL, then was Wx delayed for 2hs. arrived At AUS where had to wait for their bag to arrive from baggage claim.. they had a hour drive to our15 parents house.. they meet me at 615pm...

I was relaxed and tired, they were stressed and frazzled by their ordeal.. so fo me, it's not worth flying anymore unless it's over 1500 miles and good weather.
Cleffer 2
This is exactly the thing people don't think about. Not to mention, you (potentially) don't have the added expense of renting a car when you get there.


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