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U.S. FAA refers 37 unruly airline passengers to FBI for criminal review

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said Thursday it has referred more than three dozen unruly passengers to the FBI for potential criminal prosecution amid a sharp rise in onboard incidents this year. ( Altro...

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Ed Kostiuk 17
Good, hopefully, they can go after the others as well. Several of the more severe cases need to have a lifetime ban on ALL carriers, not just the one that they violated on.
Create a list of those passengers and ban them from flying ANY airlines
I just flew to and from Houston on Delta. It was my first flight anywhere since late 2019. I was pleased to see that passengers appears to be acting like adults, not spoiled children who just realized they couldn't have ponies.
Rxboss 8
Through Nov. 1, there have been 5,033 reports of unruly passenger incidents but only 37 have been referred to the FBI for revIew. THAT should be the headline.
Craig Good 5
Yet another reason to require proof of vaccination to take an airline flight. A nickel says that if you weed out people too thoughtless to get vaccinated you'll weed out most of these violent twits.

And people who do this stuff need to be on the no-fly list forever.
JJ Johnson 0
You sound like a good Marxist. Russia much?
ACHTUNG! Your papers please!
jeff slack 1
We are in a Pandemic which calls for strict protocols to get it under control. I am surprised anyone needs to have this explained to them. Extreme situations call for extreme measures for the good of all mankind.
jetserf -1
None of the current vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 prevent the contraction or spread of covid-19,even with boosters.
What’s worse, according to the Danish and Bangladesh studies, masks are at best 15-20% effective.
Kill them all! Kill all passengers, then you will see!!!! Something is wrong, very wrong!!!! You are DESTROYING the Airline Industry!!!!!!!! Think about that!!!!!


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