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British Airways to bring back its Airbus A380s as it launches its biggest schedule since March 2020

British Airways is initially bringing back four of its Airbus A380s. The airline has made this announcement: British Airways’ A380 aircraft will re-join the airline’s fleet earlier than expected as US borders re-open, initially operating to Los Angeles, Miami and Dubai The airline is increasing flights to the US by adding more services to key cities including New York, with up to eight daily services by December The airline will also be bringing forward planned restart dates to a number of US… ( Altro...

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I wonder (and maybe someone could follow up with some data to confirm or rebut), what is the overall carbon output of using an A380 with lots of passengers vs multiple small jets. E.g. Paris to London with 600 people vs 3x 737s with 200 on board (simple numbers).

Obviously there is more fuel used, but I presume overall less than 3x 2 engine flights? Hence less carbon emissions.

I say this as I suspect that carbon emissions will be more 'valuable' than money in the future.
Paris to London is not the market aimed by A380s. Loading and unloading times and taxiing in these high density terminal areas for a 40 minutes flight when half of it would be climbing to most economical flight levels and descending for initial approach fixes with holding patterns when necessary would kill any benefit.
This is what happened to the Concorde who had special departure and arrival routes in order to avoid lengthy time in lower flight levels where fuel consumption is the higher.
Also number of engine start cycles have consequences on the engine lifetime and between mandatory overhauls.
the article said the short trips are for crew service familiarization. It's not an economical strategy. Doubt they'd do more than a few weeks, if even.
mdelince 3
I think how much cargo is on board, how fast they reach cruising altitude and many other factors are in play.
What would be interesting is for the airlines to publish the data for every flights (plane type, engine type, flight duration, flight distance, total weight at departure, total weight on arrival, ... possibly more that I cannot think of at this time) and then we could do some statistical analysis (not just on plane type carbon emission but also on which airline is more/less efficient).
IF they're completely full then I bet it's less. The trick is to get a full plane.
Remember that the A380NEO programme died during gestation.
I can’t imagine the a380 with shark-lets and not fences.
Excellent news. I wonder if they will pick up additional second-user airframes to help with slot constraints at Heathrow. Great to see the Emirates A380 back in the air over Cheshire on its way into Manchester.
Smart move. I would no be surprised to see Lufthansa as well as Qatar doing the same. Air France shall be sorry to have scrapped theirs.
Air France couldn't figure out how to market it, or build a Biz and First cabin anything close to Lufthansa or BA. I would hope it isnt true, I had one ride on Lufthansa's A380 in First, not to be matched
Anton1 0
With all due respect but presume you have never flown Air France First Class as it is way better than LH or BA. Maybe you should look at this AF trip report if you understandable don't take my word for it:
I presume you were not impressed by AF Business class which is indeed not super though I don't find LH or BA business class much better depending on the aircraft you fly.
Yay! And dfw will be one of them!!!
ed george 2
I don’t know if this is relevant to this particular story but I saw a huge number of Emirates A380 flying from Dubai towards London this week while on adsbexchange. They were all at the same altitude in line astern with equal spacing between each.

It's funny that some people are concerned about the carbon footprint of this plane, which operates in relatively small numbers on a worldwide scale. Freaking insanity.


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