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Federal judge denies bond for man accused of punching Hawaiian Air flight attendant

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The man accused of assualting a Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant last week was denied bond on Thursday by a federal judge. Officials said Steven Sloan, Jr. will remain in federal jail for at least two more weeks after he allegedly punched a flight attendant twice in an “unprovoked incident.” ( Altro...

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dmanuel 25
The article says -
Prosecutors argued Sloan is a danger to the community and a flight risk.

Unintentional pun?
I whole-heartedly agree with Roland Balch's earlier comment. In addition I would say these airline "no-fly" lists need be combined into a national database and viewed in the same manner as the Homeland Security terrorists no-fly lists. Flight safety is overriding concern.

If these offenders need to go to Hawaii, let them walk.
Good for the SOB . Mental illness or not . If he is well enough to fly , he should be well enough to behave .
Flying is not a right. These people should be placed on lifetime no fly lists.
i thnk thats a wise and logical decision..should be on a permanent "no fly" list for ALL airlines with this type of behavior as well..
ADXbear 9
Good.. examples need to be made.. and permanently banned from flying again.. FAA no fly list..
The judge gets my vote, even from this side of the Pond
There is no excuse for such behaviour. The explanation suggested indicates that his mental condition means he cannot/will not behave in a rational manner & is likely to repeat such actions.
I entirely agree with the judge & previous comments, he should be imprisoned and face a ban on flying.
I believe it was last week when there was a squawk on here about Delta wanting to share its internal no-fly list with other airlines, but there was some pushback by other airlines saying it was not needed, as well as members here asking about other issues with it.

Make the reasons for it simple, no mask, any sort of assault (even spitting), or any flight safety issues should result in people not being allowed to fly anymore, on any airline.

Good on the judge for not letting the man out on bond. If as doctor said it was ok for him to fly, then he is ok to face the consequences.
Driving is also a privilege (or so I learned in driver's ed). Let's not leave this good idea to the airlines. Any drivers who do the things you list should also be banned from getting a driver's license in all 50 states.

Good idea?
Great idea, but some irresponsible states are giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens, so…
I wonder who you consider to be a legal alien ?
Kudos to the judge.
Paul Upton 1
Totally agree


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