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Qantas CEO Confirms A350 Is Still The Target For Project Sunrise

On Thursday, Qantas boss Alan Joyce affirmed the airline’s commitment to the ultra long-haul flights and the A350 aircraft that will eventually operate them. Qantas still keen on Project Sunrise ( Altro...

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They're currently using 789's for non-stop repatriation flights from LHR into Darwin so it's good practice. I think there's even been one this week.
Franky16 1
So who are you to determine that the WA Government needs a good slapdown? I note that you work for the ABC. Enough said. We all know where they stand . Which part of lock-downed Australia do you reside in? In WA, we're happily going about our normal lives, including attending the AFL Grand Final which cant be held in Victoria. Comments please?
Potentially a good move by Alan Joyce. Even better if all economy seats are dropped and replaced with premium economy seating. With long hauls to London & NY who doesn't mind paying for a better seat.
Alan Hume 2
No chance of that. Joyce used to work for Ryanair remember. Sardine cans are the way to go for him.
Alan Hume 2
Whoops! ... my mistake, it was Aer Lingus ... still, I can't see him changing to suit the needs of the travelling public. He doesn't care much about them, just their fares.


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