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Airbus Extends U.S. Order Streak With Near $4 Billion Delta Deal

Airbus SE secured another order in the U.S., a rare bright spot for jetliner sales, as Delta Air Lines Inc. announced a deal for 30 A321neo narrow-body jets that’s the European planemaker’s second-biggest this year. ( Altro...

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John David 2
I wonder if this will signal an end to the speculation of Delta purchasing/leasing the 737 MAX that was written about in the fall & winter of last year as well as the exchange of the 717's they lease from Boeing being upgraded to the MAX.
Roy Hunte 1
There was never any confirmation from Delta, just, as you said, speculation.
I took that speculation with a pinch of salt.
avionik99 -3
Well this isnt very good for Buy American! Just think of all the jobs this would have provided for American workers instead it mostly all goes out of country. Time to start boycotting Delta flights that use AirBus's.
Peter Fuller 7
There’s USA content in the Airbus A321neo, notably in the engines, plus at least some frames will come from the Airbus final assembly plant in Mobile, Alabama.

Boeing airliners aren’t 100% American, Airbus airliners aren’t 100% French nor even 100% European.
avionik99 2
Thanks Peter, it is true that it is not 100%, as outsourcing does help a little bit.
Roy Hunte 3
Airbus is one of the biggest employers in the Mobile AL area. Plus other business sectors and affiliations that employ many Americans.


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