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FlightAware Offers Aviator Personal Flight Tracking

"Aviator is designed to give light aircraft pilots access to the same tools as operators of larger aircraft, including seamless communication with stakeholders, a complete history of the flight, and a unified dashboard to display all this information." ( Altro...

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At $200 a year seems like a waste of money to me.
mikeNY 3
Regarding Aviator Surface Tracking and Visualization ...
"FlightAware’s network of ADS-B receivers, hosted by people located throughout the globe, provides the data that feeds Aviator and its other flight tracking services. Once an aircraft is powered up and the transponder switched on, FlightAware’s network begins detecting that aircraft, provided there is a suitable ADS-B receiver located nearby."
For most g.a. airports, there isn't a "suitable ADS-B receiver located nearby" as part of Flightaware's network. Therefore, Aviator product data fields for ground operations are missing for 'Powered On','Taxi Out','Taxi In', as well as missing ground track.
FYI: It appears the Surface Tracking and Visualization feature is largely, INOP.
Ray Toews 1
Do I need an ADSB out transponder for this to work.

mikeNY 0
FlightAware Aviator FAQs:
Do I need an ADSB capable transponder to use Aviator?

Yes, aside from ADSB Out being required by FAA regulation, our position tracking is reliant on our network of ADSB receivers (the world's largest!). A 1090 ADSB transponder will give us the most accurate reporting. We also track 978 transponders, although the fidelity of these flight tracks may not be as good as a 1090 unit. Also, in very remote areas, we might not have receiver coverage, and so a track may be lost. However, our Hyperfeed flight tracking service will do its best to determine your track and stages of flight from the information we have available.
bfcoats2 0
According to §91.225, ADS-B is not required in all airspace in the US, and even where it is required, it need not be part of your transponder. Most GA airports lie outside ADS-B airspace, and many GA airplanes equip ADS-B Out via a nav light replacement antenna STC.


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