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Caught on camera: 5 men arrested after disturbance over mask mandate at Fort Lauderdale airport

Five people were told to leave a Spirit Airlines flight out of Fort Lauderdale Friday night after they refused to wear masks inside the plane, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office. After they left the plane, the disruption continued to spill over inside Terminal 4 when BSO deputies arrived. That’s when two of the men were arrested after reportedly shoving deputies and the other three also taken into custody. Spirit Airlines personnel had reportedly asked the men identified as William J.… ( Altro...

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padrooga23 5
Whether you agree about masks or not, the time to put up a fight is not once you are on the plane.
Ed Kostiuk 4
avionik99 -5
Stupid stupid stupid! If your vaccinated no mask required. If your concerned then wear a mask. Which btw wearing a mask is the same as using a chain link fence to keep out mosquito's! But wear them anyways if it makes you feel better
And masks help protect the children 11 and under from a viral load being carried by even those of us who are vaccinated. Unvaccinated adults, other than those who for legitimate medical reasons can not be vaccinated, are welcome to the virus. The problem with these unvaccinated idiots is they offer a petri dish for the virus to continue to mutate into even more dangerous forms. Masks will be necessary for many months to come.
scottiek 5
All flyers, including children and those vaccinated, are required by federal law to wear a face mask when in a US airport or onboard an airplane. ...
Maybe read more about the virus and it’s variants. Viral load transmission from vaccinated/unvaccinated folks can be lessened dramatically with the use of masks which is why the airlines require them.
jeff slack 2
enjoy your ability to post lunatic comments while you remain maskless and still alive


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