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Porter Airlines Orders up to 80 Embraer E195-E2s

Porter Airlines of Toronto, Canada, is our North American launch customer for the E2. The carrier has placed a firm order for 30 E195-E2s with purchase rights for an additional 50 aircraft. Deliveries start in the second half of 2022. ( Altro...

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Porter presently partners with JetBlue and that seems too limited. Porter would be better off partnering with SWA also and adding a flight to Albany, NY. KALB is underutilized and would make a great mini hub for the US flights since it also services American, United, Delta, Allegiant and Frontier.
This is not Porter’s first try to expand beyond their Q400 turboprop services. In 2013 they looked to acquire up to 30 Bombardier CS100 (now Airbus A220-100) jets, conditional on government approval for jet operations at Toronto City Centre CYTZ, and government funding for a runway extension, which weren’t granted.
pilotjag 1
Porter Airlines press release...
Roy Sorgo 1
Great move by Porter. Reading the comments, yes, the E2 is the logical choice. It makes for a more seamless transition for flight crews. My son is going to flight school and I hope this is good timing for him. But for Porter, the possible storm on the horizon is WestJet and more so, Air Canada. Competition is great for the consumer. However, I can't help but think that if Porter draws enough attention that it could be the target of a "merger" someday.
Too bad. They should have bought the A220 instead. Still, I'm glad to see they are expanding.

djames225 2
The A220-100 is a great craft, however it costs more (A220-100> $82Mil, 195-E2> $61).Then there is seating which is a 2-2 layout (use to it with the Q400), not the A220's 3-2, E2 uses a conventional yolk style flight control vs A220's sidestick.
I'm also betting Michael and Robert had a nice long talk with Embraer. This will be good for Porter as long as they stay their course.
paul gilpin 1
your comment implies airplane purchases.
does anyone purchase an aircraft theses days?
i thought everyone rents.
you know, float, fly, phck, better to rent.
djames225 1
Many still do "purchase" aircraft, not wet/dry lease. Even leasing costs are based on purchase price of the aircraft, by the leasing company, so an E2 will costs less to lease, had they gone the route of leasing. Porter is purchasing
The E195-E2 is a fine airplane for what Porter wants to do. Perhaps they got better pricing and availability of delivery positions from Embraer than they could have gotten from Airbus for the A220. Embraer was likely hungry for a North American customer.
This is correct, and the E2 is an excellent aircraft and very efficient as well. If I had a smaller airline, with routes in the 300-1500 mi range, this aircraft may be my first choice.


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