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FAA Proposes $119K in Additional Fines as Unruly Behavior on Flights Skyrockets

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is levying nine airline passengers with potential fines totaling $119,000 as reports of unruly behavior on flights continue to skyrocket. ( Altro...

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Societal decay
emkostiuk 6
Absolutely spot on
ADXbear 5
Good, I think a min ban should be 2 years, up to full banishment for more sever offences.. on top of fines to cover the airlines costs.
They could help make up the deficit by fining idiots on planes...
Mentioning prior to boarding (people are usually attentive while listening for their boarding section) and/or departure the laws and legal/monetary/etc. consequences for disruptive behaviors might be helpful on commercial flights to prevent at least a few disruptive passenger occurrences. A video played at the beginning of IFE-equipped aircraft is another idea.
Why are adults throwing temper tantrums??
They think the world owes it to them.

The result of a Godless society.
In addition to the fines, minimum ban should be 3 yrs with a shot at redemption afterward. If a second offense, ban the dumba&* for life on that particular airline; as you would think that once should be enough of a wake-up call. Then, place these goofballs on a no-fly list so other airlines can decide who and who should not climb aboard.
1st problem, #$25,000 fine and 3 years no fly...on ALL airlines. Second offense,$30,000 fine and permanent ban from ALL airlines. Making it on all airlines will make it sink into those thick-headed brains very quickly.
Interesting that the FAA fines passengers for unruly behavior but not GA pilots when they ignore FARS.
Might I recommend: file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/a7/07/5F1E4F9F-818D-4397-B9F8-3A3EAEC0433A/STOLEN_CAR_PAYBACK.mp4
Pa Thomas 0
Stop. Selling. Alcohol. At Airports.
dnorthern 9
Don’t. Be. Ignorant.

It’s not the alcohol that is the problem. If it were we would have seen this level of behavior pre pandemic. We did not.

You like most make the jump to the most convenient belief of cause
avionik99 2
"Drink-fueled air rage is becoming more commonplace," says Robert Quigley, a senior vice president for International SOS and MedAire, which provide travel-security services. "Multiple agencies that oversee in-flight regulations are now collaborating with the commercial airlines to review present practices of the selling and the consumption of alcohol in both airport bars as well as in-flight."

Just google this issue and you will find that it is you sir who is completely IGNORANT! Alcohol related incidence is on the rise by a large percent!
Let's pretend that airlines are innocent in this whole process. When you are treated like chattel, and not customers, you stoke the flames of anger. Add to the fact you still have to wear a mask for hours on end, and now many airlines have suspended all in-flight service, what do you expect? As someone that flew every week for years, I saw the deterioration in customer service and attitude. Sometimes dealing with a gate agent is worth than going to the DMV.
Nic Tanner 0
Or, you can just shut the hell up and drive or take Amtrak. Or even better, start your own private Cessna airline. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy airfare.
Wow! Someone has a stick up their butt! Must have hit a real nerve. Are you one of those pleasant gate agents I spoke of. Your response seems to indicate you are. FYI- just took Amtrak on Wednesday.
Don’t. Be. Ignorant.
Alcohol has never helped the problem either.
Nic Tanner 0
That depends on the individual. There are happy drunks and ahole drunks. They go full retard, they get black listed (is that okay to say or is that "racist" according to the woke mob?).
Greg S 2
Do you have any evidence that the recent spate of passenger freak-outs is largely alcohol related?

No, I didn't think so.
Look at the previous comment.
Nic Tanner 0
You clearly do not know about state and county alcohol tax revenue sales and politicians. Good luck with that. And yes, I live in Atlanta GA - busiest foot traffic in the world - whose airport has over two dozen bars and restaurants between the main terminal and six concourse gate wings.
why only $119k fine them more and ban them from flying pemanetly
Ban customers? Thats not a profitable business model.


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