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Airlines pull oxygen from plane restrooms

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. airlines have pulled chemical oxygen generators from restrooms on about 6,000 planes after federal regulators ordered them to remove the devices as a security measure. In publis . . . ( Altro...

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What about non-US carriers?
They get as much attention as airport screenings outside the US.

AKA while us Americans get screwed flying within the states, anyone from outside can still bring all the crap that we can't bring therefore destroying the "security" TSA has gotten us.

Oh right, the lav issue, yeah same exact answer.
John Mulder 0
Applies to any carrier operating into the US. We all get screwed equally by the TSA.
John! did you ever build that TST-8 Alpin DM some years ago? How did it turn out? I was thinking of doing the same or buying one, thanks. - Michael Price 404-395-3218
Rema Allen 0
Shortly after 9/11 I took a flight to SE Asia. I couldn't bring my nail clippers on the plane because of the tiny nail file that was on it. But grandma had her knitting needles. Go figure!!!!!!!
John: You are partially correct as far as regulations are involved

Have you ever flown from South America, SE Asia or Australia into the US?

Let me tell you first hand that the screening is NOTHING like that TSA. I have been in countries that are worse (Morocco) but the 3 regions i mentioned before do not do anything that even resemble's TSA today.

I have people laugh at me when I tell them what we endure here to fly.
Obviously terrorism is working. We're so terrified, it's not even safe to take a crap on a plane anymore.
TSA's new "security" regulations are a waste of money.

Me and my dad actually joke around that they go "Oh mohammed we have to upgrade you to the jumpseat in the cockpit, Oh mohammed, can i tuck those wires in your shoes to make you more confortable?" "OH NO JIMMY! PUT AWAY YOU TOY ARMY GUYS!"
and i AM NOT racist to anybody. It's just a joke ^


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