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In Pictures: Inside The Boeing 747 Flying Mansion Private Jet

The Boeing 747 BBJ is the world’s largest private jet. With only a handful of examples in the world, it’s a rare bird. Even rarer is the Alberto Pinto designed 747, a lavish labor of love that took the designers four years to complete. ( Altro...

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Jim Quinn 1
I think I wouldn't want to get off the aircraft once aboard! Beautiful...
Geoff Rowe 1
I’ve seen this a few times recently, this aircraft is, apparently, for sale. If your pockets are deep enough to buy it and run it.
bdarnell 1
What, no fireplace ?
chalet 1
There goes arab petrodollars and naturalgas dollars that they should have instead been spent in sending aid to poor muslim places in Africa and Asia.
It would be nice to see actual pictures inside this 747 but these are CGI (Computer Generated Images)

The interior designer - Alberto Pinto - died in 2012. Pinto was famous for creating interiors for Mega-Yachts. Was this design ever realized in real life as opposed to a computer screen?

I don't doubt that such a jet interior is possible - it would just be nice to real pictures of it.
Those aren't CGI images, they're real. If you want to see them larger, here's a Polish site with more images, right click on each one for a larger image.


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