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Pilots ask FedEx to halt Hong Kong layovers over COVID rules

Pilots are tired of being poked, prodded and confined in unsafe conditions in Hong Kong. They want FedEx to adjust operations so crews can operate without layovers there. ( More...

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Steve Balogh 22
HK should no longer be considered an open and free city suitable as an airline hub.
John Sander 0
Good! Use as a new hub the “democracy” of Singapore instead. No free press, no freedom of speech, no freedom of assembly and a very efficient secret police that nips dissent in the bud. Any foreign publication that is critical of Singapore is not distributed. A journo buddy of mine wrote an article for the International Herald Tribune documenting how the courts are in the pockets of the government . He was declared persona non-grata and fined in absentia. The IHT was fined as well.
Singapore is the most perfectioned dictatorship in the world, for those who don't know. Thailand is on his way as well. It is a nice place for 3 or 4 days and then I miss the hectic lifestyle of Thailand.
Todd Frederick 11
How about just a stopover in a friendly country where the long distance crew gets off, a local crew gets on and does a round trip to HK, then the long distance crew returns to USA?
mz737 4
United has been staging HKG out of GUM and NRT, and staging PVG out of ICN. There’s no reason that FedEx couldn’t do the same thing.
canuck44 8
Unless the hub is moved, it will be difficult to change unless FedEx can negotiate an accommodation on the island which forms the airport approaches. Better to be in bond in decent accommodations than locked away in government digs.
john Gargiulo 7
Terrible for the crew, double the crew and never get off the plane
padrooga23 6
Taiwan, perhaps?
WElcome to the new Hong Kong controlled by China, Thailand is going the same way.
Growth of 20 % but concerned about the extra costs. FedEx What it wrong with having happy people working for you instead of a little more profit?
jptq63 5
Wonder if there is anyway to shuttle folks to / from a more favorable locality and not violate hours....
ADXbear 6
I dont blame these guys.. im sure there asked up 100% of the time in HK..
Ric Wernicke 2
There is always Guam, Saipan, and infrastructure rich Diego Garcia.
MSU Sparty 1
The requests seem very reasonable. I heard a few airline crews are actually bringing sleeping bags and staying on the airplane. The are bringing food and water the only issue is they have to fly the same aircraft out of HKG and it’s a FedEx hub
John Talstad 1
They don't want to be poked and prodded?
Am i missing something? Why not test the pilots at the departure airport?
Pilots should definitely be at the top for getting a vaccine. With out pilots no one would be getting them. The only question is how many pilots actually want a vaccine.
Jesse Carroll 1
Nobody messes with "Joe President" in charge of nothing should order all airline and cargo pilots to get first available shots for the China Virus!
Just saying!
D Rotten -1
B....b....b...but....I thought Communism was a WONDERFUL thing????
Cansojr 3
It is! What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine. Wonderful communism ah the gulags, work camps, mine prison labour. Communism offers a wide variety of careers for psychopaths and sociopaths. Ask about our nuclear power program. Work with some very diverse politicos.
You probably meant socialism, but people like you usually confuse the 2 and dont even realize we already have socialist programs in the good ole USA. I'm sure the farmers love the 20 billion the former guy gave them, courtesy of you and me.


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