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Drunk Passenger Headbutts Flight Attendant Over Face Mask Policy

A Ryanair passenger has pleaded guilty to criminal damage, assault and entering an aircraft while under the influence of alcohol following a drunken rampage on a flight from Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, to Manchester, England last month. According to the Manchester Evening News, 24-year-old Daniel Hendry refused to wear a face mask and was seen with an open bottle of vodka that was "three-quarters consumed" before he later headbutted a male flight attendant on the January 29… ( More...

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Highflyer1950 25
Time for airlines to mandate valid passports for travel. A nice reminder that any bad behaviour that results in denied boarding, forced de-planing and forced intermediate stops due to unruly passenger (s) will require the airline to notify all government agencies worldwide, USCBP included. A no-fly listed pax will have to apply and get interviewed before reinstatement. Safety and civility has to be the norm not the exception.
1 and DONE !!!!!!!! NO second chance !!!!!!
Because of the COVID restrictions between the UK and Europe, they could not divert and stop at another airport on the way to kick him off.
So the flight crew had to put up with him the whole flight.
ALL Crews carry Handcuffs for a reason..
Elliot Cannon 3
Zip ties and tuct tape. LOL
George Pepe 1
They do?
Paul Miller 17
NOT another clown being an idiot and even attacking the crew ? This has to end badly one day I am sure of it ? Did No One notice that he had the Vodka Bottle on his person going through security ? and then again why is it that he was drunk even getting onto the Aircraft and everybody missed it ?
Eddie Guild 12
A lifetime ban + prison and a criminal record, a complete and dangerous moron!
Many Brits build up a bad reputation while on holiday or visiting football (soccer) games.
Mark Harris 8
Zero tolerance policy - immediate lifetime ban on all air travel, mandatory minimum one year prison sentence (to be served in full). Can't have these morons risking the lives of all on board.
Needs to be international law: Assault flight crew, you are grounded for 6 months. Do it again: Life.

Stop coddling the idiots. Stop ignoring the problems that will surely come in the near future.

You get ONE strike. Blow the next one and you are out. Life's a bitch. Can't control yourself, you take a boat, or You Do Not Go!

No Assholes. No toleration of them. I wouldn't ban drunk people. I'll need a few shots of 'courage' to take a flight on a 'Max'. But I sleep. NO fight in this one.
Silent Bob 6
You can take the Hooligan out of England...
Jesse Carroll 2
Simple solution is to stop drinking alcohol ! Oh, but you need courage to fly? Get some chill pills. They work just fine and you sleep more than not!
The Attedant ( we use to call them Stewardess) had to wake me after long flights several times. Oh, you mean we are here already!
a1brainiac 2
Stupid is as stupid does
Frank Harvey 3
Pax was not necessarily drunk when he boarded in Spanish territory (Tenerife). Could have bought vodka in duty-free and its a four plus hour flight. Could have started drinking in the a/c. Might not have wanted to wear facemask so he could continue drinking.
Handling duty free is apparently not very consistent. I've had duty free confiscated upon entering the plane, and other times they have been fine with me keeping it. I don't know if there are regulations that apply in certain circumstances, but if the guy did have duty free, why did he have it? Good question... The last time I flew, they duty free had to be placed in the overhead bin, and we were not allowed to remove it from the bin until we landed. (And then someone from TSA was going through the line telling people they had to toss their bottles because they 'wouldn't make it through with them'.) Several people actually DID toss their bottles. I'm sure it was a plot for the employees to get free booze.

We just went to the 'bottle check', and were cleared and kept our bottles.

But other flights, all the duty free was held at the front of the plane, and we claimed them by name/ticket. *shrug*
Myla Dale 2
Even duty free also jil should have to remain sealed. It would certainly help avoid these instances.
Frank Harvey 2
Robert, as you said duty free protocols. I've been in several scenarios where I had access to my duty-free during the flight.

I wonder why at least two people downvoted my observation. Does anyone have an explanation ?
I think it's because you appear to be making excuses for him Frank and there just is NO excuse whatsoever
Frank Harvey 5
Thanks Alan. Now I understand.

To clarify,I was not excusing this behavior. I have had bad experiences with drunken pax, among others, drunken American adolescents on BA flights from EGLL to KPHL. Such abhorrent behavior is not limited to any nationality.

I was explaining how a pax might have access to excessive quantities of alcohol. Unfortunately some people, including some Americans, cannot control their use of this drug.

As Robert said above there seem to be different protocols over access to duty free items during a flight. If duty free, or any other, alcohol, irrespective of where purchased, was not permitted to be carried by pax with their cabin baggage, and was to be collected by them only on disembarking the a/c, consumption would be limited to only such alcohol as might be provided by the carrier's flight attendants.

Not only is a glass bottle in the hands of a pax a potential injury hazard, but a quart or more of overproof (for example 151 proof rum, available in the Caribbean) is a very serious potential accelerant. These days it is risky to allow pax access to such items not just for safety considerations, but much more importantly, on security grounds.
ADXbear -1
Isnt it time to stop selling alcohol aboard aircraft.. this guy needs to be charged with assault and band by the airline for life.
Angus Oliver 10
No, it's not. Just because one drunken idiot can't behave shouldn't mean we all suffer the repercussions.
Agree with charges being brought against him, for sure.
If you read the post again, you'll see that he had an almost empty BOTTLE (liter?) of vodka. I don't think it was one of those one-shot bottles. The fault falls on security screening.
Greg Zelna 1
I take that as tailoring things for the 'lowest common denominator' -which is an unnecessary handicap to the 99% who are competent, considerate, and compliant with the rules and regs..... With freedom comes responsibility, some fail and miserably, like this individual. The FA's didnt serve a full size bottle of Vodka, BTW- it had to have been brought onboard. Zip tie him to a seat......
What is it about Manchester? It seems that I hear so many stories about groups and individuals acting like asses on flights from that city. I'll take the 'snakes on a plane' over these morons, thank you very much.

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The royals must often ask themselves "why so many low lifes in England"

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get your head out of your ass . excuse me everyone else .
Mark Harris 14
Masks are not meant to protect the wearer - they are meant to protect everyone else.
Ken Lane -6
Funny. I keep hearing that.

And, only fools keep believing it. If others want to be protected it is THEIR responsibility, NOT yours nor anyone else's. They can take risks or they can stay home.

Stupid surgical masks DO NOT STOP a biohazard.
Ken Lane -2
For all you people downvoting, why don't you provide something to challenge my claim?
Ken Lane -2
Clearly, you're too stupid to be able to do so.

Flipping trolls.
James Driskell 10
This is most ridiculous and ignorant comment I have read concerning a PROVEN form of protection against Copvid-19.
RECOR10 -6

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Recor10 I have my own ideas about wearing a mask as well but I will follow the rules when in public places or when requested just out of respect for others. You will not see a Single person without a mask in public places over here in THailand. And I just put it on before I enter the place or leave my house.
The 'actual' main protection from wearing a mask is to prevent the person wearing it spreading airborne particles when coughing. Wearing it to prevent inhaling them is very dependent on the mask and how it's worn. Since the first SARS outbreak, it is very common in Asian countries to wear a mask when you have a cold, so you don't give it to other people. A courtesy that hasn't made it into the western world yet!
RECOR10 -5
But, attack staff? Banned for life and jail time (hit post on accident)
William Mihok -7
Good for the PAX.
devmegsmum 5
Resist what - being ill or worse from a highly contagious disease. Exposing vulnerable people to a disease that could kill them? I usually don’t stoop to responding to ignorant comments like yours but you are truly an ass.
Ken Lane -4
What do you know about airliner environmental controls?
Ken Lane -2
Yep, downvoted by idiots who have no clue.
Some of us idiots are sick of a__holes like you . Consider this a downvote .


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