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Ryanair Orders 75 More Boeing 737 MAX Jets

Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Ryanair announced today that Europe's largest airline is placing a firm order for 75 additional 737 MAX airplanes, increasing its order book to 210 jets. Ryanair again selected the 737 8-200, a higher-capacity version of the 737-8, citing the airplane's additional seats and improved fuel efficiency and environmental performance. ( Altro...

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paul gilpin 3
just put an N95 mask on the 737max.
all is well.
James T 2
According to Reuters: "...Ryanair is expected to win discounts closer to two thirds in return for a headline-grabbing relaunch of the MAX that helps fill gaps left by cancellations...."
Phil Hall 5
That would be buy one get two free.
Phil Hall 2
Buy one get one free from Boeing.
Please form an orderly queue behind Paddy O'Ryan.
frequentflyguy 2
Now train the pilots correctly
Greg S 3
MH370 will be crying in his corn flakes.

mike flanders 2
IF that's true, good on Ryanair! A year from now people will be flying on the Max routinely with the crashes nearly forgotten. Paddy may want to buy ALL of them for resale at a profit later.
M20ExecDriver -2
Put Ryanair on my do not fly list.
Greg S 5
We'll miss you.


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