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Southwest passenger accused of wearing 'lewd' top is forced to cover up with captain's T-shirt

A passenger flying with Southwest Airlines has claimed that employees with the carrier made her cover up her outfit — after deeming her cleavage to be “lewd, obscene and offensive.” Kayla Eubanks took to Twitter to share her story on Tuesday, along with a photo of the outfit in question. In the selfie, Eubanks is seen wearing a low-cut top and a long red skirt. At the time, she had also written that she was initially denied boarding altogether. ( Altro...

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sparkie624 1
Never know what is going to make the news these days... enjoy!
Highflyer1950 1
Isn’t that the truth!
canuck44 1
Hopefully the captain's T-shirt came with a a shoehorn.
patrick baker 1
a sexy older woman, not voluptous really, just wearing a skimpy top has all kinds of folks in a tizzy. Nice move by the captain , limiting the silliness. Nice move by southwest refunding her air fare. Lines have been drawn, and more things to cover up have been made clear to us all. This example of a closet exibitionist got far more publicity then needed, and she got to be all huffy on camera speaking on her own behalf, overly self-righteously may i add.
matt jensen 1
SW is in for more of this when they re-start flying the Caribbean routes. This is nothing. Wait for the girls in swimsuits and flip flops to arrive at the gate.
Paul Miller 0
Goodness me I can't even get back to my Home in The Philippines ? and may have to wait until sometime NEXT YEAR !!! and this stuipd silly item maks the news ? What is our wolrd coming too ?


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