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The MC-21: Russia’s New Widebody Alternative

With passenger traffic slowly increasing, Russia’s Irkut MC-21-300 (Иркут МС-21) is all set to take it to the skies. The aircraft is ready to lift off by the end of the year, with locally made engines. ( Altro...

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ADXbear 2
Wide body???. Looks like a single isle to me..
I dont like your political statements here mr Shang han.. our president should have done more, maybe we could have contained this virus where it came from..
Giving the "America first" mentality is harming anyone who isn't a 100% America company, they made a smart move moving away from US-made engines. God know when a president will just forbid you from buying the engines due to "national security reasons".
Political issues aside, really hope someone can stand up to the Airbus dominance in the narrow body market, especially after Boeing shot themselves in the foot... Both Russian and Chinese haven't proven themselves yet, and Bombardier and Embraer were bought up by Boeing and Airbus...


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