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Boeing seeks to borrow $10 billion or more as 737 Max crisis wears on

Boeing Co (BA.N) is in talks with banks about borrowing $10 billion (£7.7 billion) or more amid rising costs after the two fatal 737 Max crashes, CNBC reported on Monday citing people familiar with the matter. ( Altro...

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Whatever cost savings Boeing realized by short changing the MAX development and certification is certainly gone now.
2,800 fuselage workers should be compensated instead of a disgraced CEO going off with $60 million. How does laying off workers encourage loyalty.
dkenna 2
Couldn’t agree more. My blood pressure shot up when I read this article. Make sure your stockholders are all taken care of because they need that money more than the factory worker supporting a family.
Airbus can now charge premium prices for their range for the next 20 yrs who will want to fly on the max ?
Boeing v airbus quality finally put to bed
stardog01 6
It's time for airlines to move on with different aircraft. The airlines who own Max aircraft should fly them all back to Seattle, park them at Boeing Field, and demand their money back.
Then hurry up and wait the better part of a decade for your replacement to be assembled and delivered.

Great idea.
Boeing merged with McDonnel Douglass. Boeing used to be a company that didn't care what it cost to design and build a new air frame. McDonnel Douglass was a penny pincher, and a failing business. When the two merged, the intent was for Boeing to control it all, but it wound up McDonnel Douglass being the one in control, thus McDD's penny pinching is what brought about the constant reinvention of the 737
There was a joke going around Seattle that "McDonnell Douglas bought Boeing with Boeing's money" and more than one analyst used the term "reverse takeover."
I should mention that merger happened in the 90's
can't boeing just sue somebody.
that's how boeing does things.
engineering design by lawfare.
ever since that day in 1997.
ThePumpkin 1
Borrowing money for good entrepreneurial purposes is one thing...borrowing it to essentially stay afloat is another thing altogether. This is not good news. Just think...they used to be the worlds number one.
'Good money after bad'?

I wish the banks would tell them to ditch the 'MAX', and resurrect the 757. HAH!!! But having a new CEO, they will probably get it, somehow. (Maybe the Russians?)
Boeing: we need 10 billion
Banks: ditch the max, resurrect the 757
Boeing: make it 50 billion
Banks: never mind, here's the 10
Boeing make een white sheet 797, its better make a withe sheet 737 and all the 737MAX scramble
The 737MAX is a onbalans airplane, its never a good thing, when you only must fly on computers.
They are having a rethink about the 797. See
Not unbalanced, doesn't require computer. Not sure about the brrrrr.


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