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Boeing clashes with FAA over 727 auxiliary tank explosion risk

Boeing and the US FAA have clashed over a safety modification for Boeing 727s, with the regulator rejecting three attempts by the airframer to have the proposal withdrawn. ( Altro...

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Roy Talbot 2
Same problem as TWA800 which Boeing would say has a low possibility.
sparkie624 -3
Should be No Possibility.... Most fuel tanks do explode with they are impacted by and Explosive Missile...
sharon bias 2
As if any aviation agency around the world is going to trust anything Boeing says right now. You reap what you sow.
patrick baker 2
this is so typically BOeing's response to deficiencies: asking us who do we believe- our eyes or boeings actions. Probabilities seem to rule boeing's view of the world, and they prefer to ask for forgiveness rather than head off nasty possiblities. Memo to Boeing: just shut up, perform the fixes and then pretend you give a damn... You have less friends in the room today than yesterday....
sparkie624 -4
Geez.... the FAA is still chasing TWA800 and won't let it go.... It was not a spark in the fuel tank. I know and have worked that system in tank and out of tank for the fuel QTY and they are barking up the wrong tree!
Robert Cowling 5
Everything else was soundly refuted. Why else did they replace the wiring in any Air Farce One 747 plane? The exercise?
sparkie624 -3
Practice makes perfect....
Don Quixote -5
Man you guys can't help but post more public slandering bulls*it articles about Boeing. Quite sad how much the media wants to destroy Boeing's reputation. And don't tell me "Waaaah, it's Boeing's fault!"
Roy Talbot 2
The Boeing News should always include there recent history. 787 start, 737 Max and now 777X. Such a great history


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