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Grounding, flight shaming weigh on aviation

The grounding of Boeing’s 737 Max model will still hang over the industry, analysts say, adding to other risk factors such as geopolitical uncertainties and stiff competition that will keep denting margins. ( Altro...

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patrick baker 4
boeing has painted themselves into a corner by trying and failing when using their 50 year old design as the basis for the needs today and for the next decades in providing useful and dependable jetliners. Airbus may have their own set of problems, but the europeans have designed, tested, and sold many narrowbodies that will go transatlantic, or any comparable distance north/south, with the more comfortable, safer, and airworthy examples of the 320/321 family. 737max seems to be the worst of compromises and bad design compared to Airbus. Change the name from Max to the Rube GOldberg . Flier beware.
racerxx 5
How about we ground MH370 for 2020?
ADXbear 1
Reengine the 757, bring them.out of storage.. upgrade and retool.the line..
ImperialEagle 1
That is true, however, when the dust settles, the airlines are still going to want a major competitor to pit against Airbus.


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