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Mother fled on private jet after trying to kidnap son, authorities say

A 55-year-old orthopedic surgeon was charged this week with several felonies after authorities say she tried to kidnap her son — brutally beating a woman in the process — during a supervised visit in Goleta this month. ( Altro...

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mary susan watkins 3
This story is really not aviation related..the woman is obviously very distraught,but it takes a few years to become an orthopedic surgeon,so why would she go crazy and "blow it all off"? it also doesn't address why she does not have custody of her any case,except for the fact she could afford to charter a private plane to escape,this should just be local news in a paper in the area in california where she lived and practiced medicine,and not posted on flightaware..
John Miller 1
Hormones. :-)
Pa Thomas 3
She used a fake name for her dog?
Coalora 3
Sounds like the dog was a willing accomplice.
Viv Pike 5
And this story is related to aviation how? Oh wait - she fled on a Jet. Yes, that qualifies for an Aviation site.
Roy Corrales 2
Hahaha agree with you. This is just a common tabloid related to US crazy people. Makes no sense to have it here only because the plans to use a private jet.
Shouldn't they have released an Amber Alert or something?
Yvon Dionne 1
dnorthern 1
Glad she was caught. Her actions were vile.


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