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Air Canada Flight Diverts To The US With Marijuana Onboard

While this might be OK in Canada, it’s not so popular with law enforcement in the United States and has quite severe consequences for anyone caught bringing a controlled substance into the country. ( Altro...

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There are articles on Google debating the idea about whether if you're just flying within a legal state you could carry marijuana (SFO to LAX). The conclusions were always, don't, unless you feel lucky.
The problem is you can’t bring it into any state of the US without first crossing into airspace that is under federal jurisdiction, and under federal law marijuana is illegal.
This will turn to be much akin to something such as the (ignorant) Illinois laws. Recently a man from Alabama with a LEGAL firearm was pulled over by an Illinois cop...well the bullets were "near" the gun and thus he was charged with a felony (and his semi towed, that can not be cheap). Let there be no question, this will become a revenue stream for some of the more corrupt municipalities out there - from there, some of the Kool-Aid drinkers will say stupid things like "know the law"....on the same token, will a freight driver in a 767 end up being charged with transportation of an item potentially?
airuphere 2
Why bring it?? It’s Legal here in Canada.. leave it in Toronto, pick up more in Vancouver if your that in need..
Pa Thomas 3
SoNic67 2
"Developed a malfunction". I wonder if the toilet backed-up from the bags that passengers try to flush?
US border is a federal controlled place and all the federal regulations and laws apply, regardless what state is that airport in.
Marijuana is legal in the State of Washington. Bringing it into the State is not(even from Oregon where it is also legal). If your flight might wind up in a place where something you have with you is illegal, you might want to rethink bringing it with you. My guess that this is also true with alcohol and certain prescription medications.
There are some over the counter medicines that are banned in Saudi, such as Immodium, that can bring you 10 lashes. Ouch.
SoNic67 -2
Border is still a Federal controlled place, no matter how hard the leftist states cry about it.
Marijuana is a federally banned substance.
There are only 9 states left that still have marijuana as fully illegal. The other 41 states allow some level of usage. For example, it's illegal in Idaho and fully legal in Washington, Oregon, and Nevada which border Idaho. This isn't a left or right, blue or red, issue. This is a states rights vs federal rights issue.
Cansojr 0
I am glad the diversion was successful. Tell the person not to fly with any questionable substances, period!
RECOR10 -1
So, no more Koran copes on common carriers then, right?


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