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Unqualified Passenger Allegedly Took Control Of A Passenger Flight Over Russia

According to reports coming out of Russia an unqualified young woman was allowed to fly a passenger plane on a scheduled flight in Siberia. If you have had safety doubts about flying with a Russian airline your reservations could be right following a video of a woman passenger flying a passenger plane on a regularly scheduled flight. Extraordinary footage has appeared of the woman sitting in the co-pilots seat aboard an IrAero flight over Siberia. The footage of a young woman in her 20s flying… ( Altro...

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peter tomlinson 6
This woman gets anything she wants .

No babushka here .
Kobe Hunte 3
Clearly. The guy was risking his relationship if he said no!
SmokedChops 3
curiously, her sweater is off in one of the pics...Pilot's side piece, perhaps? Either An-24 'Coke' or An-26 'Curl' (last -24 was built 1979, last -26 1986...probably very high time ships)
Greg S 3
She looked qualified to me.
The article reports that the airline was found in 1999. I wonder who lost it.
Reminds me a 1994 Aeroflot A310 accident in which a young child took control of the plane. I think it may have been the captain’s child.
william baker 5
It was the Captains Son that caused the crash. Put to much pressure on the control column which caused the autopilot to shut off the horizontal pitch of the aircraft which in turn caused the plane to roll to much and crash. Terrible accident.
James Simms 4
Definitely not “Otto”, the inflatable automatic pilot of “Airplane” Fame.
Mark Harris 2
A Google search for "08824" (number clearly visible on top of control column in video) reveals RA-08824 Antonov An-24PB IrAero (Flightradar24).
Mark Harris 2
Sorry, post should read "a Google search for AIRCRAFT 08824"
SmokedChops 1
thank you! I knew someone would sort it..
paul trubits 2
Sounds like a flashback to the 1960's when there were stories about stewardess landing commercial airlines.
dmanuel 2
Are we sure it was a revenue flight and not a repositioning flight? A fair amount of these aircraft are cargo only, so for the sake a’cool’ factor, the narrative of the actual circumstances may have been embellished
s2v8377 3
It's an Antonov AN-24. Everyone needs to calm down and relax. So what, it's not a big deal.
Carl Smeraldi 0
Fire Captain copilot head flight attendant period from, Don, Carlo B747400/777/757/L1011 Gulfstream Pilot in Palermo, Sicily . And fine that lady lots of money BONA Note Pizanoes
Kobe Hunte -2
Lucky it didn't end up in flames....
bentwing60 -1
Judging from the limited view of the panel, the airplane is at least twice as old as the ab initio copilot. Definitely not a MAX, so they're all safe. sarc. font drum roll for the blue hair down votes. Cheers!


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